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SUMMARY: This is a menswear fashion label designed by Wendy Juan. Based in New York City, she made her debut on the fashion runway in 2001, presenting a casual and comfortable style for men. Her collection of ready to wear fashions are hip and combine muted with bright colors in styles that speak both individualism and minimalism. Her fashions quickly gained popularity with young men who like to dress stylish. Ms. Juan received the Fashion Group International Award for menswear in 2001.

This apparel can be purchased through the brand's boutique in New York City, Rolo in San Francisco, Barney's in Tokyo, Joyce in Hong Kong, and Septieme Etage in Geneva, Switzerland. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Author: North Maxfield

This is the best shop for Crystal Jewelry with the most affordable prices. When buying jewelry, it is important to most importantly ensure that it is in harmony with what you are wearing, you are very comfortable in it rather than just following trend or being after the latest fashion tendencies. For those who consider following fashion trends, ensure that you pick a jewelry that looks best for you and stick to it.

 Everyone both ladies and men want to be unique original and look pretty for ladies. The way we express and fulfill this desire is through our different style of dressing. Ornaments and decorations make us more appealing and reveal this in a great way. Crystal jewelry is becoming more popular in the hearts of both men and women.  There are a variety of jewelry sold in this store ranging from rings, bands, bracelets among others in their different shapes sizes and color.

Buying of jewelry sets in Swarovski makes combining them much easier. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings, are set in a way that they can be worn together. This unlike in other stores, save you the trouble of harmonizing different jewels yourself which is sometimes hard and more time consuming. Sets that were not originally harmonized can sometimes lose their charm when you do not get the exact match to what you have. Among the jewelry sold here are the legendary design shimmers which is a combination of both clear and dark crystal colors. This is a trendy design in a Alcantara fabric, available in different colors and the most common is light gray colored that enfolds around your wrist comfortably giving you an enthusiastic look. It consists of two crystal buttons that allow you to adjust it to your size. It only goes for 64 Euros.

Quality of products her is recommendable, as we all know that there are stores and shops that do not sell genuine products. Apart from having a variety of products with different colors, shapes and sizes to suit all people, Swarovski crystal jewelry ensures that you have genuine products that you will never regret buying.

The manner in which businesses relate to their customers and the manner in which they address customers\' issues are of critical importance in any organization. Swarovski crystal jewelry has a department that handles customers\' complaints and ensures satisfaction of customers as well. This team is honest and with a lot of professionalism as these is termed as the most important factors towards the realization of successful business marketing. The shipping costs for all you jewelry are reasonable unlike it is in other places where a heavy load of cost in placed on customers.

You can be guaranteed that transacting business in Swarovski is very safe and secure. The site itself is safe and you are assured of receiving the requested jewelry at the agreed time frame. There also a number of payment methods that one can use which makes it convenient for all customers all over the world. If you are looking for a place to shop for the best and only the best, Swarovski Crystal jewelry is the place to shop.

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