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SUMMARY: This label was incorporated by Sidney Kimmel in 1975. His goal was to design clothes that are similar in quality and style of other high-end designer fashions but at a reasonable price tag. His hopes were that he would appeal to the middle-class working women by providing them with apparel that is high in quality but not high on the cost. The company's fashion designs include tops, bottoms, dresses, suit separates, outerwear and accessories. They design and sell a large array of clothing for men and women. There are many department stores and retailers on the internet that you can purchase their clothing and a good place to start searching would be Bizrate/Shopzilla. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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The Origin and Lure of loose Diamonds

Author: grpssoftware

Have you ever wondered how sparkling specimens reach the ornate jewelry display cases at a jewelry store? Does the stunning display of well crafted jewelry make you think about the lands that give birth to their dazzling diamonds?

Well, you can get answers to your curiosities in a simple way—especially when you consider the ultimate origin of loose diamonds. Take a look.

Diamond Mining

From times in memorial, diamond mining has always been associated to Africa. African countries famous for extracting and selling loose diamonds include South Africa, Lesotho, Botswana, Guinea, Ghana, Central African Republic, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola. The other countries which make it to the list of diamond producing locations are Guyana, Canada, Brazil, Russia, and Australia.

Now comes the interesting part. Regardless of the quantum of diamonds mined, only about half of the haul is of gem quality. This is why high quality diamonds are considered rare and expensive. The other 50 percent is graded as 'industrial' or near-gem' quality.

Pipe and alluvial Mining

To make the story about the origin of diamonds all the more interesting, you must take a quick peep into the two types of diamond mining. In the case of pipe mining, these precious stones are mined from volcanic pipes—with thousands of tons of ore mined for each gem—on an average ! Surprised? The diamonds present in the extracted rocks are then separated in well equipped screening plants.

Think alluvial mining and you think about long sandy stretched of riverbed or beaches kissing the oceans. The diamonds found here were eroded away from volcanic rocks--millions of years ago. Bulldozers and other sophisticated tools are used to reach the diamond-rich layers of earth—which then make their way to screening plants as well.

Final stages that Prepare Diamonds for You

The diamonds so retrieve are cut, polished and inspected—before they are ready for sale. If you are looking for the best loose diamonds in the world, then you should plan a trip to Belgium, Antwerp and/or Amsterdam. While Antwerp is rightfully called the diamond capital of the world, the other named destinations are equally popular for large collections of rough diamonds and 'sparklers'.

Loose diamonds—your best Friend!

Diamonds are a woman\'s best friend and are known for their beautiful and rare optical characteristics, hardness, durability and use utility in material coatings/tools. Planning to buyLoose Diamonds Online? Diamonds purchased in bulk find their way into the hands of skilled cutters and craftsmen who craft and curate them to be used in jewelry. These diamonds are also sold on reputed online portals --in their loose form.

Whether you are looking towards more information on the Cost of Diamondor plan to buy gold jewellery online, a careful research is a must.

All the best!

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