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SUMMARY: Sean Barron, Katayone Adeli, and Joie Rucker, former vice presidents of design for Levi's and Guess, created this new jeans line. This fashion line was specifically created for women who were looking to buy one whole outfit of the same label, all at a more reasonable price. The label features a sort of hippie-style or boho look, but is more stylish like Sex in the City. A typical outfit would include a pair of tight skinny jeans paired up with embroidered tops. The jeans make it look either as though you have been shopping in a Manhattan thrift store or a chic L.A. department store. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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What to Tell Your Florist When Ordering for Flowers?

Author: Sendflorist

When ordering for flowers from local flower shops, online flower stores, or florist in Singapore, one has to take care of certain points, to pick up only the best flowers. Florists are no doubt expert in their genre but they do not know about the specific preference of the people, therefore it becomes important to tell the florist about what you want.

No, doubt, if you are picking flowers for gifting purpose, then these should be perfectly as per the liking & preferences of the person. So, you must tell the florist about certain things that would make him decide the best for you. Be it about the specific flower or any particular color preference, you have to convey to the florist about what you want. There are various other aspects, which have to be considered. Here in this article, we have come up with the tips, which would help you pick the best flower from the flower shop.

Tips To Order Best Flowers From The Florist:

  • If you want to order for the floral gifts from the florist for your friend, family, or colleague, then you may tell the florist about the recipients\' hobbies, personality, or likes & dislikes. This would help him suggest you or create the floral arrangement or gift as per his personality. This would assure that you would get the gift as per the recipients liking.
  • If you want to get the flowers for a particular occasion, then you must tell that to your florist. In case you are planning to get the flowers for the occasion like birthday, anniversary, or alike, then you may discuss it with the florist and he would suggest you about the best available option.
  • If you want the flowers for decoration or entertainment purpose, then along with the variety of flowers, you can also describe the venue or environment of the place. This would help the florist in suggesting you which arrangement would best suit at the place as per the theme, color, or event.
  • If it is about decoration of a venue, then you can get your own props, vase, & urns and can tell the stylist to use them for giving a personal touch. He can also create a theme of specific color or flower accordingly.
  • In case you want a monochromatic theme with just one type of flower or one type of color, then convey it to your florist. Flower experts are trained in working up beautiful floral arrangements, so just have to tell them about what you want and they\'ll do it.

Along with these, there is one another important thing that you have to tell to your florist. Never forget to give a detailed & correct address for flower delivery along with the phone numbers. You should also ask them about the payment options.

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