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SUMMARY: Mr. Rocha is known for his creative experiments on fabric and now with his collections in the crystal, jewelry and home interior departments. This designer has made his mark we uniqueness of his items. There are two exhibitions of his collections shown annually in London. Rocha also has a website where you may view his collections online or you may also browse retailers for this label at the link below. You can also visit the London store which houses both men and women’s clothing, Waterford Crystal collections, jewelry, giftware, textiles, and further examples of the owner’s work. It takes an open mind to appreciate his artistic inventions. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Wedding dresses: the different styles and fabrics for you to consider

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A wedding takes a lot of effort and planning. It is the most important day in the lives of a bride and groom. You need to start planning for this day as soon as you are engaged. Do not waste time; start looking for venues as soon as possible. Couples need to book a place or a wedding venue one or two years prior to the wedding day. If you wait till your last minute, you will not be able to manage it. So start thinking and planning beforehand. Everyone has jobs and other responsibilities which do not leave much free time. To plan a wedding it takes years. Thus, you need to carve out time from your busy schedule to plan for your own wedding.

Time management is an integral part of a wedding. There is lots of details one need to take care of before they can start walking down the aisle. So manage your time carefully and sensibly. The theme and the look of a wedding are planned after the wedding dress of the bride. Thus, choosing and selecting a wedding dress for your self can be strenuous. To choose the best suitable wedding dress for your self can take a lot of time. You need to understand your body type before you start looking for a dress. Many brides prefer to wear tea length short wedding dresses instead of a full length ball room gown. Thus, think carefully before selecting a specific style – A-line, mermaid, empire shaped, trumpet shaped, sheath, etc - of wedding dress for yourself.

There are also other things that a bride needs to consider before she can choose a perfect gown for herself, for instance – the fabric of the wedding dress. Same style can feel and look different on different fabrics. Thus you need to choose a specific fabric for your dress. The various fabrics that are available for your perusal are batiste, chiffon, silk, damask, brocade, charmeuse, crepe, satin, georgette, tulle, taffeta, rayon, pique, organdy, velvet, so and so forth.

If you do not have time to go shopping, you can take the help of internet. There are several online wedding dress websites where you can choose and select a dress for yourself. The Pepe Botella wedding dresses are famous for their classical designs and elegance. Clara Luna wedding dresses are also popular among brides. If you want something modern with clean lines, then you can check out the Miquel Suay wedding dresses.

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