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SUMMARY: Ms. Mastroianni inaugurated her signature clothing collection fifteen years ago and now her designs can be seen on an assortment of celebrities during award season on the red carpets at the Grammy Awards, the Tony Awards, and the Academy Awards. Inspired by extraordinary women in history, her elegant gowns and evening wear have put her on the map. She is known for her Moroccan-inspired themes. With the success of her clothing line, this New York designer has expanded her collection to also include a handbag line. Mastroianni fashions can be purchased at Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Some Vital Facts and Features to Consider while Purchasing Quaint Pocket Watches

Author: Lisa Gunther

For years pocket watches have been the most common accessories in men\'s fashion. These watches are stylish, elegant, and more than just functional timepieces suited for both men and women to don on. Fob watches are available in a wide range of shapes, types, colors, patterns, styles and so on. However, to suit the lifestyle and personality of the owner, one has to make sure of buying a watch that can suit a person\'s taste. In order to help you find a good watch to meet your preferences, the following paragraphs are written to ease your task.

Some Elaborate Considerations and Criteria while Buying Fob Watches

In the process of buying classy pocket watches for you or your loved ones, it is important you follow some measures so that you find the highest quality watch at the best deserving price on the market. The following tips will give you a fairer idea about the features and functions to look for while buying a pocket watch.

Decide what you are looking for?

To begin, you must first determine whether you are looking out for a brand new pocket watch or a historic, heirloom owned pocket watch. On the same note, decide whether you desire to go with a battery-operated (quartz movement) watch or a mechanical movement watch. Indeed, both have style and class. However if accuracy in timekeeping is on top of your list, a quartz movement is an ideal choice as compared to the sophisticated winding mechanical movements. From flamboyant to classic – contemporary to antique design, there are abundant ways to go about selecting an elegant pocket watch. Many people truly seek the joy in collecting a watch, whereas, many others find immense pleasure in going for a historically-aged heirloom owned watch. Nonetheless, if none of these options are good for you, then you can simply go for a plain cover, open-face, closed-cover, or an engraved pocket watch that fulfills all its practical purposes.

Find the Right Materials

The face of the watch makes a considerable difference to the overall design, look, durability, and style of the timepiece. Hence, while selecting one just ensure the faces of the watch range in design, style, and naturally the material also. Choose a specific metal. Silver is often the most preferred material amongst several modern buyers. Silver has a lustrous finish and goes well with all colors and clothing. However, other materials like gold, brass, and stainless steel are preferably used as well.

Pick up something that is Comfortable

To start with, select the standard type of watch. Ordinarily a fob watch is equipped with a chain that has the same finish as that of the watch itself. Thus, if you choose a steel watch, make sure you pick up a steel chain for a good team up. However, if you plan to wear the pocket watch inside the pocket, instead on the chest of your vest coat, consider sporting a strap with it. Straps are generally sturdier and rugged giving a casual look.

However, besides the aforementioned factors, you also have to keep in mind that you consider the original features of the watch while browsing online or through the local stores. The best way to avail quality and original watches is by approaching reputed watchmakers and manufacturers on the market.

In addition, follow a budget and stick to it because pocket watches for special occasions can vary in prices from low to high. Hence, it is important to choose a budget before beginning the search so that you avert all possibilities of overspending on unnecessary features.

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Every single timepiece is a reflection of the bygone era, replete with old world charm. Quartz pocket watches for men are made for a charming gift item that spells class. Check out online for best pocket watch designs for men that make great gifting ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other special occasions.