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SUMMARY: Ms. Park is a strong Korean business woman, who is also enthusiatic about cultural pursuits. At school she focused on fine arts because of her passion for them. Ms. Park decided to design feminine wear for the runways and by doing so, follows in her mother's footsteps (her mother is already a successful fashion designer). Fashion designing wasn't all she wanted, and ever the business woman, she found a new niche for herself in the restaurant world. By opening "The Park" restaurant, she has watched the fashion and food world intermingle through her customer base. She also enjoys flower arranging to calm her during hectic times. Her clothing line is now inactive but does maintain a meager presence on eBay. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Diwali Gifts with Chocolates

Author: justintaylar

Diwali has always been the season and the reason to abandon calorie-counting and diet restrictions. Diwali gifts over centuries have been confined to classic Indian sweetmeats and savories, with thousands of years of time-honored traditions of preparing sweets at home from the best and most expensive ingredients, following recipes that have been handed down through generations, or purchasing sweets from reputed vendors and caterers and presented to friends and relatives during the festive season.

Today in a globalized world, people who have traveled extensively and have business  contacts, family and friends in other countries and embrace wider and more international tastes, prefer to gift premium chocolates which have been prepared by expert confectioners, beautifully gift-wrapped and sent directly to the recipient by the mere click of a mouse.

Gifting premium chocolates for Diwali is the best way to convey your good wishes and regard for the special people in your life. In fact, chocolates were regarded by the ancient Aztecs (who first discovered the qualities of chocolate) as the Food of the Gods and since then, they\'ve continued to provide that divine feeling that elevates your spirits and spreads happiness and cheer!

A variety of options are available. A great Diwali gift would be chocolate bars made from premium single origin bars made from ingredients sourced from exotic locales like Ecuador, Peru, Sao Thome, Madagascar, Belgium, Java or Costa Rica where the world\'s best chocolates come from, or you could opt for exclusive chocolate bars that combine delicious ingredients like oranges, cranberries or mint coupled with the crunchy goodness of hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios and caramel.

Who can resist a charmingly packaged chocolate box packed with mouth-watering delights in a variety of flavors? Pralines, fruit-and-nut, dark or bitter chocolate, white chocolates, mint and truffle – all packaged exquisitely in boxes, platters and combo boxes that include dry fruits and nuts, soft toys, Ganesha or Laxmi idols, savory nuts etc. You can pick traditional Indian silk fabric covered boxes, pouches or covers to highlight the traditional symbolism.

For that really special presentation, you could select chocolate rocks packaged elegantly in velvet pouches decorated with pretty bejeweled embellishments. Filled with flavorsome raisins, sultanas and other dry fruits and nuts, chocolate rocks have that melt-in-mouth quality that makes for an unforgettable gift. Combo boxes with other sweets like baklava or tins of nuts are another great Diwali gifting idea.

Diabetics need not despair! Hope arrives in the form of yummy sugar-free chocolates that don\'t compromise on taste while keeping you healthy and safe during the festivities. So this Diwali, give your loved ones the sweetest and most memorable gift of chocolates and sit back and enjoy the cartloads of thanks you get!

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