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SUMMARY: This well-known label specializes in shoes and sunglasses for women. This fashion designer understands that any woman, despite size and shape, would like to feel great in his products of choice. The brand's accessories and shoes are not for frugal customers,and they range from $300-$5,000. Mr. Choo’s original name is Jimmy Chow. Seeing that his name was misspelled on a registry, he decided to not make waves and keep the name as Choo. Choo’s family was also in the shoe business which contributed to his making his first pair of shoe at the age of eleven. This expensive shoe and sunglasses brand has been worn by Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes and also has been mentioned as a favorite brand name on the tv shows The Sopranos and Sex and the City. Links to search results for this brand are below.

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What you should know about tunnel piercing

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Tunnel piercing is a type of piercing in which a pierced area is made to stretch leading to enlargement of the pierced area. This is achieved by using plugs, tunnels or jewelleries which are specially designed for this purpose. The most common stretched piercing is the ear piercing followed by tongue or lip piercing and nasal septum piercings. To minimize damaging the fistula or creating a scar tissue, stretching is done in small increments.

How is it done?

Enlargement of the pierced area can be done by using plugs or tunnels. They are gradually pushed and then the pierced area is allowed to set for few hours or a day. It is then further pushed until the expansion is complete. During this process you may feel slight pain but it is bearable. You should always get it done by a piercing expert.

About plugs and tunnels

The plugs and tunnels come in various sizes and lengths. For beautification, they are available in lots of colours and designs. The difference between a plug and a tunnel is that the latter is hollow and weighs less. These can be made from lots of materials such as wood, bones, horns, bamboos, glass, silicone or surgical steel. To keep the jewellery in place, some flesh tunnels may have flares or near the edges, grooves may be cut to allow o-rings to hold the jewellery in place.

History of piercing

Body piercing has been adopted as early as 2500BC. It was traditionally done by the tribal people symbolizing wealth, power and status.Nowadays, many people opt for body modification and piercings. Ear piercing is the most common form of piercing.

Health issues related to tunnel piercing

Unless done too quickly, tunnels piercing do not create wounds or tissue scars. However, care must be taken that stretching is done in small increments and the area is set and ready for further piercing.

Traditional equipments such as bones, wood, bamboos, horns should be avoided as they contain microscopic holes which trap bacteria leading to infection. Surgical steel or glass can be used instead. Also, aftercare of stretched piercing is important to prevent any kind of scars or infections. Rubbing vitamin E will help in keeping the area open and healthy. You could also apply saline water.

Piercing of body parts such as ear, nose, tongue, lips, bones, navel, genital area is very much common nowadays. Done by both males and females, tunnel piercing can turn out to be less painful if proper steps are followed and done by a professional. Taking care of the pierced area is important to prevent any kind of infection.


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