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SUMMARY: Ms. Stuart grew up in the garment industry in Manhattan. She sold her first collection to Bloomingdale's when she was 15. Her family owned a retail store named Mister Pants. Her label is known for its fun and sexy designs. She gets inspiration from traveling and observing the world. In 1993, she launched Skinclothes, and some of the designs from this collection were used in the movie, "Clueless" in 1995. The line now earns about $30 million annually in US. but makes more in Asia. The label has other products like shoes, perfume, and handbags in different styles. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Let's Knock Them Down With The Bowling Delights

Author: Elvin Henry

Nowadays bowling have become one of the favorite leisure time activity all over the world. Bowling is a game for players for all skill levels and ages. It have gained a lot of popularity as an indoor or outdoor sport. It also have an advantage regarding health as it involves physical activity. This is a great sport involving a lot of physical exercises like walking, stretching, flexing. It have become one of the famous activities for social gatherings making the relations much stronger. Its a sport in which the player throws the bowling ball down the lane so as to hit the targets.


Bowling can be both indoor and outdoor. In the indoor version of bowling, the target is usually to knock over the pins and usually the floor is flat wooden or synthetic surface. In the outdoor version, the aim is to get the ball as close to the target ball as possible and the surface here can be grass, gravel or any other synthetic surface. The most common types of indoor bowling are ten-pin, nine-pin, candle-pin, duck-pin and five pin bowling. The outdoor bowling are bowls, bocce, petanque and boules.


In this game there are a lot of merchandise that are associated with bowling like bowling ball, shoes, hand guard etc. Depending on the game there are many types of bowling balls that are available of different sizes and weights. The selection of balls depends on the player. Different kind of balls are available for various kinds of bowling. The balls are provided by the bowling centers itself. The shoes plays a very vital role in the bowling game. These shoes are a kind of flat shoes that can match any kind of outfits. The sole are made from rubber to provide traction, while the sliding foot\'s sole is made of smooth and flat material that allows a bowler to slide into his release with a rubber heel to allow braking. Also hand guards are used as a metal wrist support to attain a certain angle of wrist when releasing.


Bowling Delights brings you all the latest merchandise and bowling accessories for enjoying this sport. These accessories change the aspect of this game completely. There are many bowling themed parties that are organized for the corporate parties other gatherings. The bowling delight is the best place to get all kinds of merchandise and bowling gifts to make these special parties more interesting. Bowling Delights is the best online shop that meets the requirement of all the bowling gifts, novelties and bowling party supplies. These include interesting prizes inspired from bowling like lapel pins, key chains. The ultimate winner can be awarded with the bowling cups. Also the food arranged can be on bowling theme like bowling pin , shoe and ball shaped cakes and cookies to add more fun. There are special baskets available for the bowling as well as art and craft lovers.


Bowling turkey lapel pin:Its a lapel pin for all the bowling lovers. It shows a turkey bowling its way to 3 strikes. Many other types of lapel pins are also available from bowling delights like 'I hit the split' bowling lapel pin, high series bowling lapel pin, 'High average bowling'lapel pin, high game bowling lapel pin.

Bowling 4-charms stretch bracelet: Bowling Delights brings you the beautiful bowling accessories like stretch bracelet. This is a stunning red and black beads bracelet with a silver touch that is very appealing to the bowling lovers. These bracelets help in awakening the bowling spirits among the bowling lovers. The four Pantone 185C read,black and white charms adds an extra elegance to these bracelets. The word 'strike' written with the bowling beads.

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