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SUMMARY: This brand is an accessible but high-end maker of womens' and girls' clothing for such special occasions as weddings, proms, and other black-tie affairs. But little is known of this designer's life or non-clothing products she has made.

Although she has no actual education background in fashion, Ms. McClintock holds a BA from San Jose State University from which she graduated in 1963.

Over time, her company has expanded its wares to include a variety of accessories, which range from purses, jewelery, perfumes, wedding veils and tiaras to prescription glasses and nonprescription sunglasses. Her home furnishings company produces furniture, decorative accents and lighting.

Ms. McClintock has written several books on interior design, which are available on her company website.

If you like her fragrances, major shopping portals like Bizrate/Shopzilla have a huge and affordable selection. If you like her apparel, you might try a shopping portal like Shopstyle, but also check eBay since one of the most reputable sellers there has the largest selection of this label. Links to search results for this brand are below:

Shopzilla - Jessica McClintock outlet store



Advantages of Motorola Talkabout Earpiece

Author: Adam Costa

Motorola is one of the leading brands in the world when it comes to creating radio sets. These are used by security agencies, corporate house, night clubs and retail chains around the world in their day to day operations. The build quality and reliability of these radio sets makes Motorola the first choice brand. One of the must have accessories with these radio sets is the Motorola earpiece. They allow the operatives to maintain a clear channel of communication even in large gatherings. They are ideal for bodyguards and people manning high security installations. There are many advantages that are associated with the Motorola talkabout earpiece and in this article we shall try and look into some of them.

Kevlar Cabling     

These earpieces are fitted with good quality Kevlar cabling and strain relief making it extremely durable when used in different weather conditions. The covert acoustic Kevlar noise isolating earpiece, also called HD. Has been designed to seal in the ear canal and is has a built-in high impact polycarbonate microphone / PTT that allows the users listen and send messages uninterrupted even when there are external disturbances which is a part of any urban scenario be it in a mall with huge footfall or an event.


These taklabout earpieces are compatible with a wide range of Motorola radio sets including Motorola GP Series, Motorola EX Series, Motorola PRO Series, Motorola PTX Series and Motorola GL Series. You can use these earpieces with all the radio sets that are made under these series which helps you operate wide range of radio sets.

Robust Built and Cost Effective    

At the first look you will notice that the earpiece is built robustly. It has high quality Kevlar cables that offer good strain relief and protect the cabling from damage even in extreme environments. You can easily detach the acoustic tube and most other parts if it is damaged and can be replaced making it highly cost effective piece of security equipment. This serves as one of the biggest advantages for these earpieces.

Covert Use    

One of the major advantages of this earpiece is that they can be used for covert use. They are ideal for down sleeve, under clothing operation or you can clip them near the lapel or to the vests. This fit system works very well for security operatives in urban security scenarios where they can communicate among themselves without attracting much attention from the onlookers.

If you are planning to purchase Motorola talkabout earpiece we would suggest you The Security Store. They are the frontrunners when it comes to selling security gadgets and accessories in the United Kingdom. Your orders are delivered to your doorstep in 1-2 working days. They offer you a wide range of choice in Motorola radio and earpiece and offer you the best quality products at the best price. All their earpieces are covered under a 60 money back guarantee that assures you of their quality and durability.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/shopping-articles/advantages-of-motorola-talkabout-earpiece-6773287.html

About the Author

Adam Costa writers regular contents on electronic gadgets at different websites and blog sites. He is the contributing author for The Security Store, a Headphone Shop in UK that offering Motorola Talkabout Earpiece and other phone accessories at affordable prices.

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