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Five summer Wardrobe Basics Every Woman Needs

Author: Yeside


#1 Dresses

Go for short and light dresses in materials like cotton and chiffon for a comfortable feel even during the hottest days of the season. These dresses can be used on several occasions from casual dates during the day to barhopping at night simply by changing the accessories (i.e., ballerina flats at day, wedges at night).

Be sure to buy several styles of dresses from fashion stores to cover your every clothing requirement during the summer. Think of sundresses with spaghetti straps, halter dresses, and maxi dresses.


#2 Jeans

Plain T-shirts and jeans are the best pairings of women clothes during the summer because you can dress up or dress down the combo depending on the occasion. Dress up by wearing a crisp white shirt and dark blue jeans coupled with wedges, diamond jewelry, and stylish sunglasses. Dress down by wearing a statement shirt and faded jeans paired with open sandals, sun hat and sporty sunglasses.

Oh, the looks that you can make with just jeans and tops! Be sure to buy as many of these items as possible from fashion stores so that you can experiment with your summer looks with just these two basics.

While you are at it, add several shorts in cotton and denim, too. These are staples of women clothes as well so go crazy on these items.


#3 Tops

But why stop at T-shirts? Be sure to purchase tops as well since even the most stylish T-shirts may be inappropriate for certain occasions during the summer season. Think of the tops you will wear to the office, to corporate events, and to formal parties where the dress code is 'smart casual' so T-shirts are inadvisable.

For summer, the best choices are sheer blouses in various sleeve lengths (i.e., cap, ¾ and long). The styles are still appropriate for smart casual occasions while the light fabric allows the skin to breathe, not to mention that the sheer top can be covered with boleros or blazers for another look.


#4 Shoes, Sunglasses and Sunhats

Accessories complete the outfit so be sure to purchase from fashion stores the best accessories for summer – open shoes, sunglasses and sunhats! Your feet should be well protected from the ground\'s heat while your eyes and head should also be well protected against the sun\'s harmful rays.

Buy shoes like open sandals, ballerina flats, and wedges, which can be mixed and matched with your dresses, T-shirts and tops, and jeans and shorts to achieve a whole range of fashionable looks. Buy sunglasses and sunhats in various styles, too, since a woman can never have too many of these things!


#5 Swimwear

Don\'t forget to add swimwear to your shopping bag, too. Go for the styles that accentuate your curves with choices like maillots, bikinis and swim dresses, to name a few.

With all of these summer must-haves available in fashion stores like, you should have an easy-breezy time buying what you want!

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