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SUMMARY: At the age of 19, Jenni Kayne launched her label in 2003. She apprenticed with Zegna designer Ettore Veronese in Italy, and after deciding that hands-on experience was more fruitful, she struck out on her own. After being socially backed by celebs, she was able to get her label exposure, quickly. The general feel for the style is edgy, yet casual and comfortable. In 2006, her runway show moved to New York and in 2007, Ms. Kayne opened her boutique. This designer is continually evolving and has expanded into shoes, accessories, designs for baby, jewelry and home decor. Where to buy? Bloomingdale’s, Curve, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, as well as the link below. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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You can never go wrong with the right TEE!

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Wear the trend right, and wear the trend right now. T-Shirts are an important part of any man\'s wardrobe and it\'s important to get what you like. People store has innumerable styles of Tees, which look good on everyman and which can be worn with whatever possible. Be it a smart polo necked tee or a causal t-shirt that you just wear to lounge in your leisure space. Pair it with chinos, shorts and jeans, and it looks stylish and fashionable. The People brand focuses on easy to wear, affordable and in-fashion trends in apparel. The People tee epitomises all of that and gives its customers another reason to shop online.

People tees are versatile, trendy, comfortable and affordable. What more would a shopper looking for T-Shirts want? T-shirts are a versatile item of apparel, one that can be worn at any time. Wear it on a Friday at work. Wear it on weekends, wear it when you\'re chilling with friends and family. And even wear it when you\'re out with your colleagues for a quick drink.

A People striped polo shirt teamed with a regular fit pair of jeans and accessorised with a toning belt and smart shoes is probably one of the most feasible looks.

Moreover, People tees are best worn on the weekends. Wear a funky graphic printed tee with a round neck, with your favourite pair of jeans and you\'re good to go.

There are numerous ways of buying a People tee, but perhaps the best, the most affordable and convenient way is by logging on to the official online store of People and picking up your most favoured T-Shirt. The process is very simple, all you need to do is to log onto the website, sign up or register as a guest. Then you move onto the People section and browse through the many tees that are available. It is easy to pick and choose a People tee online as the style, fit, colour and size is given very well. Once this is done, all you need to do is to drop it in the online shopping cart, proceed to checkout and pay. It gets delivered right to your doorstep in no time. You can also track your delivery status and if you don\'t like a tee, the store also gives the option of an exchange. It\'s that easy.

People Tees are made by keeping the sense of style and fashion in mind. The brand of People understands the consumer, their psyche and their varied tasted. It\'s the perfect mix of trends, style, comfort and fashion. With different sizes and styles like printed, patterned, plain and necks and collars like polo neck, regular neck, full-sleeves and short sleeves, the People T-shirt is the tee for you. If you need help combining it with something, look at the style tip that is provided on the official online store corresponding with the tee you need and you\'ll be good to go. An example of the style tip would be to combine a regular fit tee with polo neck and half-sleeves with a classic pair of beige chinos. Tuck in your tee and wear smart sneakers to complete your look.

So don\'t waste any more time and log onto People T-Shirts    and browse through the store to find your best loved graphic printed tee, striped or solid one. The website is easy to navigate and you can purchase your tee in matter of seconds. Wear it for a brunch, wear it for a dinner with friends or family or even tuck in a polo shirt with smart chinos for your Fridays at work and transform it in the evening for a night out with friends and colleagues.

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