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SUMMARY: Mr. Gaultier achieved fame and fortune as a French fashion designer through his technical mastery of the craft and his innovative, sometimes outrageous, designs. Rarely are his fashions described without the words "edgy" and "androgynous" (think Madonna's cone bra and kilts for men!). He explained his new 2009 line as based on the toreador look and intended to graft "macho identity" with feminine elements. He also has a popular ready to wear line and an impressive array of perfumes. You'll find this label at many fine stores, including Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord and Taylor, and Macy's and Bizrate/Shopzilla. Link to search results for this brand are below:

Bizrate/Shopzilla - Jean Paul Gaultier


Exquisite collection of fashion rings from the house of Simon G!

Author: ancona

Fashion has been an integral part of our lives ever since we started to dress up and look good. Though it may not have been so detailed in the beginning but with the passage of time fashion has changed and evolved to meet the latest trends and styles. And this aspect of change in fashion is beautifully reflected in the arena of jewelry items. In fact in order to cater to this growing demand, jewelry stores have come u with fashion ornaments that one can easily mix and match with their different attires to create a new style on the different occasions. Simon G is one of the leading jewelers to cater to this domain. Their Simon G Rings are a beautiful example of this.

There are different collections under their Simon G Rings range such as

·Simon G Fashion Collection

·Simon G Color Collection

Simon G Fashion Collection with model number MR1720 is a beautiful ring that is available in 18k yellow gold, 14k yellow gold, 18k white gold, 14k white gold, Platinum, Palladium. The diamonds used are in Princess, and Round cut with a total weight of –ct 4.58. To add a hint of color, yellow diamonds are also used as the side stones.

Simon G Fashion Collection with model number GR211 is a classic ring style, with several diamonds in pave setting. You can select this ring in different metals such as 18k yellow gold, 14k yellow gold, 18k white gold, 14k white gold, Palladium, Platinum.

You can also check out Simon G Color Collection with model number TR156. This ring comes with a lifetime warranty and is beautifully made in a criss cross design. Available in both Modern and Classic style, the centre stone in blue in color in an oval shape and is surrounded white small and round diamonds. These diamonds are also used in the criss cross design of the ring. Like their other varieties even this ring is available in a  variety of metals such as 18k yellow gold, 14k yellow gold, 18k white gold, Platinum, 14k white gold, Palladium

These are some of the varieties that are available. In fact there are even more styles and designs available. Don\'t think that this is all. You can choose the style, design of the ring as well as the gemstones and their colors as per your attires and when and where you wish to wear them. Once you consider these elements, voila you have the perfect fashion ring that you have been looking for.

So go ahead and check out their different collections before you choose one fashion ring that you think will go with your wardrobe and will help you create a fashion and style statement that will be distinctly yours.

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