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SUMMARY: Launched in Los Angeles in 2005, this jeans label is the product of denim designer Jeff Rudes and stylist Susie Crippen. The company offers three lines of women’s jeans: the Green Label, made from 100% organic cotton and environmentally-conscious vegetable-based dyes, the Black Label which made from luxury materials such as akiko, a Japanese stretch denim and the Blue Label, made to fit and flatter a more curvaceous frame. Recent additions to the label's offering include a maternity collection, a men’s line, and a line for girls sizes 7-14. Popular retailers for this brand include Barney's, Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman, Scoop, and Nieman Marcus. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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How Eco friendly jewelry can help in saving the environment?

Author: Melton

Technology advancement and over population are the two main factors which ruins the existence of our planet. It is important to use the eco-friendly products in order to maintain a better environment. Some people have this awareness and they have started to implement it on different things. They have started to recycle the product which helps in reducing the mounting of garbage wastes. They are using the fuel efficient cars and eco friendly products. This method is also used with jewelries and more number of people started to use the eco-friendly jewelry.

The usage of the eco friendly jewelry is becoming popular and more number of people are started to use them. This has reduced the traditional mining of materials to make jewelries. Usually, the jewelries are made from the gems and precious metals which are mined from the earth. This process not only involves the extraction of the metals but also injects the chemicals in to the earth. In order to extract the metal form earth, the chemicals are used in the deep surfaces. The surface mines also provide a huge impact on the earth leaving no option to recover from the effects of these chemicals on earth.

More number of people are started to invest in the eco friendly jewelry. This resulted in the reducing the mining of metals from the earth. The idea of this jewelry is very simple to describe. The making of jewelry needs the extraction of metal from the earth. But in this case, the jewelry is made from the existing metals and gems. Through this method, people can use their scrap jewelry, vintage jewelry to be used for making the new jewelries. For the wearable parts also the recycled metals can be used.

The process involved in the eco friendly jewelry is not new. It has been in the loop for over a number of years. The new things used in this process is using of latest trend and technology in designing the jewelries. The recycled jewelry will be enhanced with new designs in order to give a stunning look. The heirloom jewelry contains the pieces of jewelry which are handed over from generation to generation. This can be recycled to create unique and beautiful jewelries.

It not only makes use of the existing metals but also uses the recycled wood, copper and stainless steel. It is important to use the eco friendly products and people should use this new and self indulging method to save the planet.

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