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What Makes Titanium Rings So Popular?

Author: judecharlton

Titanium has become so popular among the jewelery makers of the world because it has strength and durability. The Titanium that comes from South East Asia is good for making cheaper version of imitation jewelery. However artisans who are working with this metal for years and reputed dealers will bring you pure titanium which will last lifelong. This is a metal that will give you both temporary and permanent jewelry.

Titanium ring has become a trend in the world of fashion and jewelery. These rings are best for regular wear because most grades of Titanium is hypoallergenic. This quality ensures that they do not cause any allergic reaction with the human skin. Titanium mostly doesn\'t react with salt water or other chemicals as well. This makes it safe for you to wear it if you are in a job that needs you to deal with different chemicals and sea water.

This metal is also very durable and retains its shine and quality over many years. This feature of a Titanium ring is making it a very popular choice for weddings and engagements. Everyone wants their wedding ring to remain as beautiful forever as it was on their wedding day. This is not possible with any other metal because be it gold or platinum or silver, every metal eventually looses its luster and gets a lot of scratches. Titanium on the other hand remains just as new.

You can choose a Titanium ring from a variety of designs and colors. Unlike gold, silver or platinum Titanium comes in a lot of colors, in fact you could have a single ring in multiple colors. So if you wish you could have different colored rings to match your outfits. There are also many different designs and inscriptions that you could do on the ring, you could even personalize it with names and dates, or any symbol.

These rings are available in different finger sizes, men prefer the width of 5 mm to 7 mm for their wedding bands, you could also look at rings with the width of 4 mm to 4.5 mm if you are looking for something even thinner. Women on the other hand prefer a width of 3 mm to 4 mm, all these band sizes are easily available in Titanium.

All these features makes it a very popular choice for wedding rings and bands. The three main features of as wedding band that anybody has to check before buying are size, style and durability. All these features are available in a Titanium ring at a very affordable price.

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Jude Charlton is a famous jewelery designer who has his own brand of Titanium rings. He is also a guest writer in a bridal magazine, where he enlightens his readers on the different choices of contemporary jewelery that are available in the market to replace conventional jewelery. For more information visit the site: