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SUMMARY: This New York based fashion designer, known for sexy, sleek, classically tailored woman's apparel, has only been on the fashion scene for three years now but already has an impressive celebrity clientele. His goal is to accentuate the female figure by putting together the classic tailoring techniques of Savile Row with luxurious fabrics creating modern pieces. Mr. Godfrey has appeared on America's Top Model as a special guest designer, and was also presented with the 2008 Parsons Alumni Achievement Award by the Parsons The New School for Design. The line can be found in numerous luxury boutiques world wide but can also be found at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Shining Silver Wedding Rings for Those Who Think Differently

Author: Lee Arnold

To get the prefect wedding ring sets before your marriage or before the engagement is one of the important and very necessary parts of your preparations. Choosing a good ring isn\'t a cake walk and you have to choose it wisely not emotionally. Sometimes in emotion people gets carried away and later they repent on that so be realistic and follow your instincts. It is not just a ring but it includes a lot of significance. The ring is basically the physical representation of a person\'s love and commitment towards their partners.

There are different kinds of jewelleries available in the market however; it\'s you who decide what is going to be the best products for you. There are a number of wedding ring sets and available in different metals but you should choose them according to their importance, your needs and depending on the available budget. People are really serious and much alert while purchasing the jewelleries from the market or from the online stores. However, more than the price it\'s the design and look of the ring that is considered and given more importance.

If you are really looking for something entirely different and unique in nature then you can always go for the Sterling silver wedding rings and jewelleries. These adornments are different and have own set of uniqueness. There are many companies which can help you in designing any kind of jewelleries from any kind of materials. May it be gold, silver, diamond, platinum or any other? You can buy and order to design products that vary from yellow gold to contemporary titanium. There are a number of companies in the online world who can help you out in making customised jewelleries before your wedding. These companies need the details of your requirements then they can easily deliver it depending upon your need. You can always order for your desired designs from the internet.

But you should always make sure about the company that you are dealing with if it is new and not so popular then you might not love to take your chances with them. However, if you are looking for a modern, stylish and an entirely different looking ring which should also not cost much then the obvious choice you are left with is the silver wedding rings. There are a number of properties of silver which makes it stand out against other elements. Some of the best properties are; it is light, highly durable in nature and non-allergic in reaction with our skin.

The best part about the silver is that even though it looks so lovely and different from others; it is much low priced materials and is ideal for all those who are on a tight budget. There are many occasions in the history which refers to the use of silver for the purpose of marriage. There is a tradition in Christianity which states while exchanging rings during marriage ceremony the boy\'s ring will be of gold and the girl\'s will be of silver. Hence, the silver wedding rings are popular and widely used during the marriage ceremonies.

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