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SUMMARY: Mr. Coviello started off making jewelry in 1987, and soon after begin making hats. He didn't began to show the public designs he had created for women until 2000.

His womens' line is made up of very unique pieces of material that are put together in such style that allows the consumer of any outfit of his to be able to pull off a vintage type appeal. The fabric prints would be best described as bold and bright. The texture of the pieces usually consists of a soft, flowing material. He designs his clothes based on the strong interest that he has in antiques, to him it's not just about designing clothes, but making art. He also has a mens' line and furnishings for the home that also incorporates his known vintage, antique appeal. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Dresses That Fit Your Body and Style

Author: James V Andrews

Brocades in Purple and Black for Full Figured Women

The perfect dress is one of the many ways to make a woman feel beautiful and sexy at the same time. Most of the time, they would pamper themselves by buying new clothes, shoes and other things that can help them be confident. But all of these cannot make them feel completely happy.

There are women who feel less of a person because of the insecurities that they have regarding their body. There are those who cannot really appreciate their body and this really affects the kind of person they can become. However, there are a lot of ways on how to feel confident and beautiful with whatever kind of figure they have. This can be done by choosing the perfect dress that really flatters your body. You can make yourself attractive by making a dress in the correct cut and shape and the correct fabric type.

Full figures women can make themselves more attractive by choosing a fabric type that accentuates their curves instead of making them bulge out in the wrong areas. Brocades and chiffons are fabrics like that. Choosing the right color is also important. Shades like purple and black will make you slimmer. A purple brocade fabric dress and a black chiffon dress will definitely make you more attractive.

Fuller women can choose purple and black plaid fabric dresses. Since they are made with a combination of the right colors, they will make the right impression for you. Most of these fabrics are pretty hard to get. Consider the care of a brocade fabric. Most of the dealers get brocades from China and India and the stock is always limited. To get a design of your choice, you will need to make the order prior and will have to wait for several months. This is good in one way as you will get a wide variety of ever-changing choices and even occasionally get some new old vintage stock. Most of the patters found in brocades are made from the old weaving cards designs from the 50\'s and early 60\'s. These designs are programmed on a simple card that is put into the weaving machine and identical designs are made.

The cost of a simple purple brocade fabric dress will vary based on the material and designer. If the fabric is made in silk and the designs are intricate it might cost you a small fortune. But if it is made with rayon or cotton, you can make the dress at a much less price. Most weavers use a mix for each fabric of some combination of silk, rayon and occasionally some polyester. You will have to go and feel the fabric to be sure it is suitable for our styles. If you choose a designer and bespoke tailoring you will have to pay much more for the dress.

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