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Tell Your Handbag Tale

Author: Rahul Dev

High on the hog, we call them handbags. Trendy and chic, we call them handbags. A must-add on, we call them handbags. They have the power to make or break any outfit, yes! The beloved bags!!!

bags-front-banner main.jpg

Handbags makes we girls feel in vogue.. Gone are the days, when handbags were considered as a functional item to fill your essentials. Now handbags don\'t carry the stuff, but reflect the right approach too. We don\'t live according to reason but according to fashion. And following the same, Bags are an important part in your way to become a fashionista. At the present time, bags are approaching with plenty varieties of designs and styles to choose from. For matching the lifestyle of today\'s savvy women, designers are making various creations with different styles and design Picking the right bag, be it a practical tote, a crocodile hobo, or a gilded clutch—demands a vigilant eye.

And we are sure; everyone has its 'exciting stories' too.

And hence we did a survey among girls and ask them to tell their handbag tale:

Kirti Bareja, Bcom 1 yr.

I love my handbags more than my boyfriend: D

It was my bestie\'s birthday and we gonna party place by auto. I put my very favourite shoulder bag that i ordered from any bags online shopping was at my lap that i forgot there in auto. And when i came back to see.... L I lost my darling L.

Anshul Pahuja, Teacher

So it was my birthday, and when i opened my eyes i saw couple of pieces of handbags near my bed. My hubby came and said 'Darling, That\'s all for you'. Happy Birthday! Those were: a leather handbag, a studded clutch, a flower print sling handbag and a fold over clutch. Gosh! he knows how crazy i am for bags and there i got four...i gave him a peck of kiss. So handbag for me relates to romance too.

Neetu Adlakha, Copy Writer

One bag tragedy is striking in my mind. I had a long bar of chocolate that I forgot in my bag. And that meltdown! The Delhi heat got to my poor piece of dairy milk and hence everything in that bag was covered in that Chocó piece. The bag got ruined! Annnnn L I hate chocolates :<

Shanaya Arora, Operation Manager

Once i was travelling in bus and that was festival time, i was going to my mom\'s place with a rasgullas in my handbag that drenched all the stuff in sugary syrup.

Pearl Arora, HR

I had the habit to stuffing my handbag and because of that my one of the favourite ‘tote bag\' i lost. And till date i wanted i din\'t find its replacement.

 Aashima Adlakha, College going

Oh my my !!! I\'m nuts over handbags. My story is,I was awarded by the title 'baggie pie', because of my love for bags. I have 109 handbags along with clutches and all. And it won\'t stop gonna increasing. I\'m a big-time bag lover.

Varsha Gandhi, Accountant

There was a perfume bottle in my handbag and that broke up while I was travelling. I did n\'t realise it until my bag and I started smelling wow! And my bag became perfumed bag till a week. :D

Radhika Mukherjee, Housewife:

 I faced a lipstick explosion once. That brown lipstick broke in my bag and all the things in the bag were covered in that lip colour.

Gurpreet Kaur, Tutor

Though i am not crazy for bags, but my mom is. So she keep google-ing 'bags online sites India'. I guess she had bought from every website once. LOL. My all handbags are gifted by her.

So there we got loads of stories and commentary by females saying 'Handbags \'Wow\'\', Yessss\', Oh i love..i love them'.

What\'s your handbag story??? Shower the comments and let us know!!!

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