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SUMMARY: Mr. Miyake is a Japanese fashion designer who designs clothes for men and women. He graduated from the Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan. His clothes tend to combine the modern with the futuristic, lending an architectural edge to many designs. In the 1990's, he created a line of clothing called “Pleats Please” made of fabric with tiny pleats in it, reminiscent of the Fortuny and Mary McFadden style pleats. Mr. Miyake has also created perfumes for both men and women.

Mr. Miyake's fashions can be purchased through Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, and his boutique in New York City. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Fashion Tips for Indian Men

Author: Adnan Khan

When it comes to designer wear for men, most men find it intricate to catch the waves of newest styles and trends. There are many men still dressing up as they used to do in their college days or teenage. These men do not apprehend that designer wear for late twenties are not same as that for teenagers. One has to comprehend some important factors to stylish and attractive. Given below are some useful tips:

Dress As Per Age

It is essential that a man should dress up according to his age. For an instance, narrow bottom denim looks great on a teenage guy or a twenty something guy, but the same  denim on a forty plus man would look wacky, no matter how maintained his body is.

Be Comfortable

Be it designer wear for men or ethnic wear for men, clothing should have a propensity to put you absolutely at ease. Comfortable clothes make you give the impression of being much more confident and stylish. Thus, it is always better option to avoid blindly running after any brands. Instead, rely on renowned brands such as IKnowStudio to create your own unique, comfortable dressing style.

Correct Fit Matters Most

Accurate fit matters a lot. Your clothes should be neither too loose nor too tight. The perfect fit is the one, which hides your flaws, fits in nicely on the entire body. Just right fit makes you look smart.

Right Colors

At young age, any color ranging from pink to blue to red to green, looks great on you. Youth is the time of experiments, but as you age, you have to fashion up with only those colors that look gratifying on you. Wear colors such as browns, black and all pastel shades.

Maintain a Wardrobe

Some styles and trends are essential in any man\'s wardrobe. These comprise a lot of designer wear as well as ethnic wear for men. Formal suits, white shirts, black pants, jodhpuri pants, kurtas for men, few pairs of well fitting jeans, party shirts and t-shirts are must-haves of a perfect wardrobe. The easiest way to maintain a perfect wardrobe is to visit one of the leading fashion stores,, which has favorably displayed all these essentials in their store at very affordable prices. You will find best of the styles and trends in designer wear online at IKnowStudio.


These days, many accessories for men such as bracelets, watches, rings, cufflinks and belts are available, which can enliven your style, but do not wear more than three or four accessories at a time. Over accessorizing would never make you look smart or modish.

So, these were some suggestions which are quite significant. One last advice on men\'s fashion - No matter whatever you wear, you would not look striking unless you wear your smile and attitude.


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Adnan khan is a Market Researcher who explores different products, brands and compare them with their competitors. He has recommended to buy designer wear online in India.