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Prom fashion trends in 2013

Author: Priti H


Perhaps the most important thing in a prom is how well you are dressed. That is why people tend to concentrate on this while purchasing. Store keepers usually note down their school name and other details, so that someone else from the same school won\'t choose the same prom dress. These are some of the trending wear for prom nights in 2013. It is an ever changing trend and these dresses are sure to evolve for prom nights 2014!

  • Sequin dresses – Sequin dresses are now the hot favorite for cheap prom dresses in 2013. It is not just few beadings in the body but a gown filled completely with beads! But not too showy we may hope.
  • Themed – If a group of people tend to gather the attention, themed prom dresses are the choice and this year the most trending is in the form of gangster themes wearing dresses similar to wedding jackets. Quite odd isn\'t it?
  • Metallica–This is for those who like to present themselves in an unconventional manner. The dresses are made with striking unconventional colors with patterns or folds which might look like a sci-fi movie.
  • One shoulder – A classic wedding dress format and that too not suitable for all ladies. Usually suitable for women with good bust.
  • Strapless–This is mostly suitable for ladies with slender body with average or low bust size. Its trend this year is surprising enough after Kate Middleton wore a strapped long sleeve gown.
  • Tuxedo – This is another classic wear but the big difference this year is that complete groups tend to wear the blazers both men and women!
  • Chiffon – Several fashion designers admit that chiffons are one of the most selected prom night dresses. Made with light fabric, they are one of the most comfortable to wear.
  • Coral – This was particularly made famous by the many fashion runways that happened in or before 2013. Pink corals are the choice for the prom night ladies!


Selecting the prom dress alone is not enough for there are lots of other factors to be considered. The accessories like shoes, bags etc.., too have gained importance nowadays.

  • Bags–Usually small and discreet bags are chosen and the colors are usually something which is contrast to the dress color.
  • Feet wear –Formal foot wear are the choices with ornaments like crystals and discreet patterns on them.
  • Jewelries–Ear rings which match the dress colors and necklaces are sought after by many people. You can see very ladies without them.

With the advent of internet, people who tend to go to stores have reduced and many people are selecting their prom wear in online stores. The following store offers trending cheap prom dresses in 2013

So for such an important event, selecting the proper prom dress which suits is quite important.

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