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SUMMARY: Started in 2005 by Lanie Alabanza, Hellz-Bellz is dedicated to alternative fashion for women. Stearing clear of more feminine archtypes for fashion, the Hellz-Bellz collection takes its inspiration from the women you see on the street every day. You won't find low-cut necklines and other hyper-feminine pieces in this collection. With ideals firmly entrenched in feminism Hellz-Bellz gives women edgy clothes and accessories to fit their lifestyle.

This label is available at numerous on-line retailers and shops all over the world from San Francisco, California to Perth, Australia. Check the website or Bizrate/Shopzilla for information on finding an on-line retailer or shop near you. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Branded wrist watches available with the help of online resources both for men and women

Author: William Brown

Top of the line online portals are commonly used in ordering and buying quality wrist watches, these watches are elegant and important to wear and use and they are bought and sold with complete pride and honor, the payment for the watches is usually made with the help of online monetary resources and credit and debit cards, cash on delivery options are also used by the buyers, checking and money back warrantee are often given to the new clients and customers, it enables the customers to return the sold items to the retailer or the trader within 72 hours of actual sale.

Branded wrist watches available with the help of online resources both for men and women are bought all around down under. Diesel watches are very exquisite and famous in their design and make. These watches are designed by quality designers and they are usually worn by young men and women. Usually multiple number of watches are bought by a single customer and a client. A different watch is worn on different occasions. This makes the designing ever so important and the designer watches extremely important and necessary for the buyer.

Diesel watches entails various designs and features within its respective range available and marketed throughout the globe; some of the more proficient and elegant designs are mentioned in the following lines to come;

  • The chronograph range is for the new age man. This range can be worn to office and these watches can also be worn to jogging and they can also be used during the physical workout. The multidimensional range comes in both digital and analog designs. Round dials with metal straps are used to make the watches. Their prices range in between $ 100 to $ 295 which makes them very reasonable to buy and use.

  • Black out range is very exquisite. It entails complete mystery within its ranks and it can be used formally and informally. The range prices hover in between $ 100 to $ 330.

  • Chronograph range is also designed for females. Such watches are generally designed in a slim and sexy way. The range is very exquisite and it is considered a must for women. The prices for the range hover in between $ 160 to $ 295.

  • The women daily wear analog range watches are made and designed in accordance with the daily needs of a common woman. These watches range in between $ 80 to $ 160.

Michael Kors watches are commonly available. They can be bought and sold with the help of the online resources. These watches are designed in a traditional way and this makes their design and style extremely unique and exquisite.

The range is made and marketed for both men and women. Needs and wants of both the sexes are kept in mind while designing the quality watch range. Mostly analog designs and made by the producer. The chronograph range, dual time zone range, date with magnifier range is very useful and exquisite to buy and use.

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