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SUMMARY: Heatherette is a design house and fashion label begun in 1999 and run by Traver Rains and Richie Rich. Heatherette is known for its wild and innovative fashion shows, and has been featured widely on such television shows as America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, and My Super Sweet Sixteen. In 2008 the designers decided to pursue individual projects, and the label is currently inactive.

Heatherette style has its roots in Rich's days as a club kid in the 90's, and its clothes are inspired by the mantra "trash and flash." Along with Ready To Wear clothing, the label also produced handbags and shoes. Because the company has been inactive since putting out its Spring 2008 line, shoppers seeking Heatherette will have a difficult time finding it in traditional retail outlets, but there still is a moderate presence on eBay and Bizrate/Shopzilla. Links to search results for this brand are below:

Bizrate/Shopzilla - Heatherette Clothing



Make A Right Choice for Your Shoes

Author: Tanvi Jain

Everyone knows the annoyance of buying a fine new pair of shoes, only to find that they hurt their feet, slip off, or just do not feel comfortable - like shoes should. With just a few easy steps, you can stay away from these problems and ensure that you have comfortable feet.


When shopping for shoes, being able to try them on is clever, but if you do prefer to buy your shoes online, knowing about the unique qualities about your feet can be very useful in helping you find a perfect fit. For instance, if you have pain in the arches of your feet, then you should look for shoes with added arch support. If you cannot find shoes you like with arch support, you can always buy arch supports to place in your shoes. Knowing how much foot support you need will be important when shoe shopping as well. A correct fitting shoe can help alleviate this discomfort. Also think about details like the width of your feet, the shape of your toes, and if you have bunions or not. Knowing these details should help you decide if you need shoes with extra width or other particular shoes. This is where shopping online can be a benefit - it is often easier to find these special types of shoes online.


A great thing about the online footwear stores is that you can look for the precise details that you want in a shoe, and usually, more choices than you imagined are present there. Once you come across a set of shoes with the specifications you want, look them all over, compare reviews, and find out that is the best. Then, set out to the stores knowing just what you want. That way, you will know what to ask for if you need to place a special order. On the other hand, of course, you can always purchase the pair online.


Now that you know your foot shape, you know what style you want, you have done some research on different brands and have shopped around; it is time to decide where you want to buy your shoes. It is always a wise decision to shop online and to deal with trusted as well as renowned online footwear stores. In India, the best store to buy shoes online is The store comprises largest collection of men and women footwear online, which features best of the styles and designs in designer footwear.


So whenever you are out looking for new pair of shoes, keep this tips in mind and step into right choice.


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Tanvi jain is a journalist from Delhi who covers business line and economics of India. She is also a writer and she provides awareness and informations through her articles.She is fashion freak too and collecting designer footwear . Tanvi recommends for shopping of formal shoes for men as well as for bridal sandals and high heel shoes for women.