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SUMMARY: The Hardtail label offers a premier line of sportswear with exclusive design elements that stand out in the crowd. Dick Cantrell founded the design house in Santa Monica, California in 1991 and his classic roll-down pant style is still a top-seller that flatters any body type. In addition to the popular pants, the label offers unique and creative t-shirts that offer a look stylish enough for any fashionista, yet comfortable enough to wear all day. The company’s signature dying style is admired throughout the design industry by all who hold an appreciation for the deep, colors of the fashion line. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Don't gladden yourself with average, ask for perfection

Author: Roodey watson

Some days pass where you simply think the world is getting crazy. If we look at just less than 50 years ago, most women would stay home, taking care of their children and managing the house. A man\'s salary would be enough to support the entire family, living comfortably and safe. However, times have changed. Women started to enfranchise, making their minds heard and entered the world of work. They succeed, overcoming often men performances and are here to win but you know what? Most of them still continue their home tasks. It wouldn\'t be fair to say men don\'t help, because they do, much more than some decades ago, but still, there is a lot of pressure for women, so where all of this shows very frequently? In our faces!!! This is the cruelest truth…if you didn\'t sleep enough hours you\'ll wake up with dark circles up to your chin; your skin will start to lose its shine and youth and this is why we often put at least some concealer and foundation to camouflage our wacked look. What if you had a Makeup artist Sydney located that would make you feel 15 years younger?

Makeup is an art, but it\'s not about being so bright and colorful that you turn night into day. The softer, the better is what experts say. You\'ll be amazed by the extensive experience that Kylie Price has. It\'s not by chance that her portfolio strongest works include weddings, TV commercials, Media for famous Brands, fashion…this says it all. Kylie is the best Sydney makeup artist you can find. It\'s about felling beautiful on the inside to feel amazing on the inside, and it\'s like a circle, you start feeling good inside, it spreads to your exterior. And Kylie doesn\'t stop here; she\'ll guarantee the full pack hair and makeup. Besides making you look and feel like a diva, you\'ll also learn essential tips for you to work your makeup, taking care of your skin, styling your hair, and what products to buy with great special events organized for your wellness. It doesn\'t matter if you simply want to look great and learn how to enhance your beauty, or if your profession demands you to always look perfect, Kylie is the choice you need to make.

Let your face be the painting where Kylie inspires herself, forget Mona Lisa, she\'ll be on your knees asking where you went to look so perfect. It doesn\'t matter if you look like a zombie, there is hope for you if you\'re wise…the best Makeup artist Sydney area you\'ll ever know. Reborn like a Phoenix and open your wings to embrace the true joy of being a woman, because you are beautiful, even if you don\'t feel it, it\'s simply in you, so let it out, release it. You don\'t need an excuse like getting married or having an important party to want to look pretty, you deserve it.

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