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SUMMARY: This label was founded in 1977 by Gale Epstein and Lida Orzeck when Gale gave Lida the gift of thong underwear made out of cotton handkerchiefs. Since then the company has become famous for its comfortable and extremely wearable thongs underwear. The label began by only making thongs from cotton handkerchiefs,and then the brand eventually offered several different types of underwear.

Today, the brand has branched out beyond underwear to include lingerie as well as a great selection of every day outerwear. Additionally the brand has gifts that include longstem roses as well as assorted specialty underwear. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Diamond - the class is indomitable and identifiable forever

Author: Peter Damin

Gold is a tradition but diamond is a sophisticated contemporary feel. A feel that originates in the vision of the buyer, extrapolates to the heart of the person who dons it and catches the imagination of the surrounding ambience. The cut, colour, clarity and carat are the 4 C\'s of diamond - attributes that combine to carve a niche for this most-sought-after stone in the jewellery portfolio of an individual. During an occasion like wedding, the irresistible presence of a diamond ring determines the classy personality from the ordinary. Of all places on our beautiful planet, diamond Singapore stands out from the rest based on the attributes of the precious stone highlighted earlier.

The versatility of Diamond ring Singapore along with its unique blend of creativity and grandeur makes for an unparalleled part of the buy-list for an occasion. The budget plan made during the days preceding a wedding or any other such important event in ones life would require diamond price Singapore to be prioritized to make the budget plan effective. Hence the days prior to such occasions are important as one envisions the gifts to be chosen for both the bride and groom. The outfit of the bride, groom or any other individual on such an occasion has to be planned keeping in mind that diamond is highlighted in the attire but does not overshadow the appearance of the personality.

Diamond Singapore in its repertoire has always maintained a broad range of diamond jewellery to suit dress design and fashion in all its forms. Diamonds are forever and it enhances the sense of loving oneself just by its sheer presence as an ornamental wear. In a practical front, there are various avenues that one can explore to purchase diamond or diamond jewellery. The common diamond ring is being found in online store and retail outlets. But before one ventures in figuring out the way to buy diamond, it would be more pertinent to start off by selecting the type of ornament that one intends to purchase suiting the budget and also the occasion. Once this has been decided, the next step could probably be a search for the design and associated price suiting the budget.

Diamond price Singapore understands this thought process and thereby has maintained a wide range to optimize budget needs of the prospective buyer. So as you plan to buy your dream diamond with that dream design do keep in mind that you can use your creativity to put forth a design and see that taking shape. This is possible as the ornament can be created customized as per the design opted for specifically by the customer. It is a valuable possession but gives you value for the money spent in no uncertain terms. 458. To assist in your planning of the design it is well advised to incorporate the thought of choosing the precious metal which would host your dream diamond either in the form of a ring, necklace or bracelet, etc. These hosting precious metals could be gold, platinum, silver etc. and depends on the individual\'s aesthetic feel and preference.

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Gold is a tradition but Diamond ring is a sophisticated contemporary feel. A feel that originates in the vision of the buyer of Diamond ring Singapore, extrapolates to the heart of the person who dons it with Diamond price Singapore and catches the imagination of the surrounding ambience.