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SUMMARY: Mr. Ackermann who worked for Milan's Ruffo Research decided to show his own label or design in in 2004. He was one of the emerging designers featured in the Paris show. His collection is described as metropolitan, urban and sophiscated. The designs are known for abstract qualities with leather and avante-garde draping. His work with leather is involves creativing designing jackets with sleeves rolled way past the elbows and swirling dresses made of satin. Leather is not an easy material to work with whether designing a jacket, dress or skirt. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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The Flawless Style of Leather Products

Author: Liam Brennan

Leather Wallets

Your wallet is where you keep some of the most important items you own, namely your money and credit/debit cards, so it stands to reason that the one you own should be made of a strong material, and what better choice is there than leather? A leather wallet will hold the contents of your wallet tightly and reduce the risk of items slipping out. It is also a classy item that will compliment any outfit that you wear on any occasion.

Leather Glasses Cases

Owning a glasses case made from leather may sound like an excessive luxury, but it is actually just common sense to use such a fabric. Leather is strong and will protect your lenses and frames from the kind of scratches and markings that ordinary cases made from weaker materials will not be able to prevent. Leather is also durable enough to stop your glasses from being damaged by severe situations like falling from your pocket or being stepped on.

Leather Mobile Phone Covers

Much like your glasses, having a mobile phone cover made of leather will ensure little damage is done to your phone, with no scratches and markings being made to the screen. Having a phone cover made of plastic is of little use if the phone gets dropped or collides against other items when stored in your pocket, such as coins or keys.

Leather Belts

Many people settle for buying belts made of cotton despite the fact that leather has been proven to be a far superior material time and again. Leather belts have the same availability as other materials at easily affordable prices. Even suede is a poor substitute for leather. A leather belt (especially black) will not only last longer but will look stylish with any outfit, whether you are wearing a pair of casual jeans or formal trousers.

Leather Briefcase

A good leather briefcase is ideal for carrying important files and documents, but modern men\'s briefcases are often made of softer leathers with straps designed to ensure you experience the best possible comfort. A leather bag is also ideal for storing work documents, as the fabric allows for the inclusion of many strong compartments in the bags design, giving it both simple and practical usage. Leather is also, of course, a long-lasting material, meaning it will stay stronger for mucvh longer than other options, like sports bags and rucksacks.

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