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SUMMARY: This company has been quoted as being “a designer collection with a denim heritage.” Their stores are located only in New York City and in Los Angeles in the United States. The company hopes to help catch and encompass a broader audience by taking intuitive bits of style from each coast. The company's jeans offer a diverse range of textures, fabric and tailoring. A sneak peek of the 2009 fall collection is available online at the website: Having been created in 2001, the 8-year-old company has quickly made a name for itself with their innovative works and impeccably fit jeans. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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How to Buy Wide Fitting Ladies Shoes

Author: jameswilliam

If you have wider and broader feet than average, it may often be challenging to find shoes that fit you well and finding ones that are trendy, affordable and comfortable can add to the frustration. A perfect fit does not just mean better comfort, but they also ensure proper foot health. So getting the perfect pair of shoes for your wide feet is essential, but there are several options that can reduce the hassle to go to the store only to be told that your size will not be made.

All your research about wide fitting ladies shoes, sandals and slippers can be done from home. You can purchase a perfect pair online without running store to store. There are several online shoe stores, which offer high equality and reasonable wide fitting sandals and shoes, which are designed for specific activities.

  • Research on the Internet and choose a reliable online store that specialises in wide fitting shoes for men and women. Many online stores also sell extra-wide shoes from hot and well-known brands.
  • Pick out a style you like. You can find different categories, styles and colours for wide feet. So though finding an ideal pair for your wider feet can be annoying, don\'t settle on something you don\'t really like.
  • Click on the particular shoe model that you are interested in to make sure that the shoe comes in your size. Because, not every shoe is available in all sizes, so read each shoe\'s description before buying.
  • You can also call around to the different shoe stores in your local area and ask them about your size, if they haven\'t in stock just ask them if they special order extra-wide shoes.
  • You can also check at all those stores, which carry big and tall clothing for men. These stores also can provide you extra-wide shoes, which can be bought online or purchased directly from the store.
  • Consider buying online. There are many online stores which offer a great range of Padders, Equity and Hotter shoes in extra wide fittings. However, they also provide flexible return and shipping policies.

So you can find all the key styles of men and women shoes for wide ad extra wide feet at affordable prices. At Wide Shoes 4 U online shoe store, you can find wide fitting shoes to suit your every need. For detailed information, you can visit at the following link:

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