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SUMMARY: French designer Agathe Planchon's brand is inspired by constant motion which is a good way to describe her own life,given that she has had to move around France quite a bit.

This collection personifies luxury, fashion, and passion for life while maintaining sophistication. Focusing on handbags, Ms. Planchon's designs are the ideal accessory for the modern, glamorous, fashion-forward woman. Her most famous creation, the Baca bag, launched in 2005, has become a must have item and brand icon.

The label's oversized handbags can be purchased in small, trendy boutiques in major cities on the West Coast. Keep an eye out for their clutch, always ahead of trends. Links to search results for this brand are below:

Bizrate/Shopzilla - Gustto



Vintage Fashion Fever

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Fashion - a statement, a lifestyle, confidence, status and motivation. Keeping in mind the these ever evolving elements of life, the vintage fashion blog in UK has taken a giant leap in the fashion industry. Vintage signifies something classy and when it comes to clothing, vintage theme remains always in trends. The professional team of fashion designers unveils the most exotic, addictive and trendy products of all decades that will make you fall in love with the mirror.


The magical cupboard of vintage fashion will sweep you off your feet and will let you get straight in the boots of pure fashion. The wide range of products allows you to get your hands on extremely beautiful and uniquely designed clothes and accessories. Understanding the various needs and body shapes pf people, the designers have tailored the wardrobes encompassing various styles matter what size, style, or mood of clothes you want to wear, vintage fashion will beautify you internally and externally by customizing your desire into dresses. They will discover your interest and will recommend you the best suitable that would surely become rotational in your closet.


The theme base takes you beyond excitement and the will make you walk on the red carpet of fashion. The brand offers you the most versatile looks of the season, proving to be the style chameleon. Apart from this, the vintage house of fashion makes you available the eye catching style in a very reasonable price. The world is under the spell of vintage fashion and you can observe most of the celebrities are adapting this trend to get the tag of uniqueness and elegance. Ranging from the simple and decent clothing to the eroti and devilish one, the vintage has everything in stock. Setting a landmark of class in the fashion industry this theme has emerged to be more into trend, than any other style. The passion for vintage fashion has exceeded the expectations of the designers and has compelled the stylists to take it to next level.

 So, go on and posses the power of distracting the world of men by embracing your personality with classy vintage fashion. You can also peek into the store of vintage fashion blog in UK, online. The website offer you convenient shopping deals that can save your huge money. So, stay unique with vintage clothing and keep the world under the spell of your charm.

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