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SUMMARY: The business was founded in 2003. It was inspired by a collection of antique fawns. The designers are Daniel and Carol Hogg. The line of clothing is clean, with a mix of nature and city elements. The designer strives to create quality with functional design in their prints and casual wear for young women. They blend an element of conservative style with contemporary fashion. A listing of US stores and international stores that carry the label is at Some 2009 styles and new fashions are on the site as well for young contemporary women. For online shopping, there is also a very good selection at Bizrate/Shopzilla. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Fashionable Underbust Corsets for Modern Women

Author: Darin Chaim

Fashion is always upbeat with modern and exciting designs such as the corset. There is a plethora of corset designs and styles that can be very intriguing and sexy on women. The underbust corsets are an inspiring to enhance the shapeliness of a woman.

Fashion statement

It is easy to establish a fashion statement with an underbust corset. Celebrities are sporting the underbust corset that comes in a variety of styles and colors. These have prompted ordinary women to try on the underbust corset to emulate their icons.

Many women may be intimidated by the underbust corsets with a lack of confidence but the market designs and styles put one at ease easily to wear the corset confidently and proudly. The underbust corset was more of an undergarment in ancient days; today, it is a beauty fashion piece which ladies can wear on the outside although it may be worn as an inner garment or over a transparent piece for a more alluring and sexy look.

The underbust corset can be enhanced with certain accessories such as gloves, belts, chains and mesh top to complete the look for a special event like Halloween parties. Many may think that the underbust corset seems revealing but the right design and color can generate a sophisticated look with lots of compliments drawn.

Bridal options

Modern brides are opting for bridal underbust corsets to step out boldly and beautifully on their grand day. Many brides today are putting away simplicity and tradition for a distinct and unforgettable look with a bridal underbust corset gown that would be the envy of all present.

Bridal corsets can be extremely amazing with a host of inspirational designs while being comfortable on the special day. Such corsets for brides are incredibly comfortable even on long wears while shaping the waist perfectly for a picture perfect finish. Brides can feel gorgeous and be at the top of the world with a stunning look wearing a well designed bridal underbust corset that can be purchased off the rack or tailor made.

Special functions

Ladies who want to set waves rippling in any function can consider the black brocade underbust corset to steal the limelight anytime. This is a long candy underbust corset that is specially designed for long and medium torsos.

This special underbust corset has 14 flat steel bones with a frontal opening using a metal clasp. It looks elegant with a beautiful 8 meter long lace and a modesty panel with 6 suspender loops and buckle clasps.

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