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Cartier Watches Adds the royal touch

Author: pornsi Dyce


Before the world could ever use the wrist watches, pocket watches were the only source to keep an eye on the time. The status of the people was recognised and admired by these timepieces that were considered more of an heirloom. Users use to pass on the watches to the next generation. In fact, many families had them as a symbol of prestige for generation. Louis-Francois Cartier was the man who started inventing them since 1847 under the brand name of Cartier watches. The pocket watches had the same mechanism during that time. However, soon the timepiece that were confined within the limited space of pockets was about to take a new shape. It was in 1904, Louis Cartier, the grandson of the founder of Cartier Company, initially thought about using them on the wrist and thus invented first men\'s wristwatch.


Since then, the Company has designed and produced several high-quality and precision watches using advanced mechanism. There have many dignitaries all over the world who have been using the Cartier watches. Since the Company was also into jewelry designing, it very skillfully added these elements of desire into watch making. There are many watches that are customised for Royals using diamonds and precious stones. In fact, royal families from countries such as Romania, Spain, Serbia, Russia, Egypt, Portugal, Belgium, Albania, and Siam appointed Cartier as the official watch maker. The bespoke diamond-studded watches just added the royal touch and elegance to the overall status of the users.


Every single piece crafted by the Company carries an interesting history behind it. For example, the Cartier Santos watch was designed for a friend and aviator whose name was Alberto Santos-Dumont. He once told his friend, Louis Francois Cartier that pocket watch just rendered him helpless in viewing time during the flight. This impractical exercise caused inconvenience to other pilots as well. As a response to this problem, Louis Cartier designed the first wristwatch with a square bezel and a slim case. Since Santos-Dumont was instrumental and inspiring force behind the invention of the watch, he named the watch after him. Thus, the Santos watches helped in changing the aviation experience entirely, and are still considered the priceless invention in the history of watch making till date.


Fueled by the success of the Santos watches, the Company ventured into creating several other timepieces to be worn by men and women. The popularity of the first wrist watch also opened opportunities for the Company in setting up branches in St. Petersburg, London and New York. From here onwards, the reputation of the Cartier Watches just kept soaring higher and higher. The brand soon became the most successful and sought-after timepieces in the world.


Even today, the Company has never slept over its glory and has continually striven in designing and producing watches with complex mechanism. Flawless craftsmanship and alluring design have been synonymous with Cartier watches. The Company has the knack in blending the classic style with modern-day requirements. They have the ability, experience and resource to provide the watches with an ornate touch that could just elevate the personality of the wearers. People who hold their status before anything else never mind to pay the price of possessing these classic timepieces.


If anyone has to wear the Cartier watches, he or she should buy it from authorised dealers appointed by the Company. Since Cartier is a reputed brand that sells like a hot cake, there have been many duplicate watches being produced under this brand name. Therefore, before buying them one should check the dealership certificate and license of the seller to ensure money is being invested in quality products.




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