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SUMMARY: Mr. Yurkievich is a Paris-born designer who specializes in street wear for both men and women. His collections are designed for the young, urban set and are marketed using highly sexualized presentations. Yurkievich plays with dark and bold colors with crisp and daringly cut fabrics, and his clothing ranges for approachable day wear to complex and startling couture. Since he debuted his label in 1998 fresh on the heels of winning a couple of awards in design, this young designer has earned an international name for himself. In 2003, he launched a line of shoes that has also won over critics and consumers. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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The essential elements to be considered while buying a watch!

Author: Allen Cook

The next you go to purchase a watch keep in mind the reason for which you are buying it. Overlooking the purpose it will serve is the biggest mistake that you can do, hence don\'t overlook it. There are different brands available of which Piaget Chicago is one.

The world of watch making is as diverse as it gets. If one ever visits a watch manufacturing company and oversees the different steps undertaken to make their favorite watches they will be amazed to see the amount of labor given along with the dedication and commitment that is required on the artisan\'s part to create and manufacture a single watch. Can you imagine how much dedication it requires to create so many different types of watches? So the next time you go to buy a watch for whatever reason make it a point to keep in mind what you are buying the watch for? It is very essential to know what purpose the watch is going to serve. Suppose you have bought a sports watch just because you wanted to own a funky piece of work than honestly you are wasting your money, because a sports watch has many features that will not be required by you so what is the point of buying it? Don\'t forget that because of the intricate features that are there on a sports watch, its price range is going to be high and if you don\'t use the watch for the purpose it was created than it eventually becomes a showpiece and nothing else.

So if you are planning to buy a watch just for its fancy looks and style then don\'t go for a watch that has many intricate details in it. Instead go for a watch that is high on style and has few features and not many. Most of the watch manufacturing companies make different types of watches as they are well aware of the different demands of their different clients. Say if you want to own a stylish Piaget Chicago watch then go through their different collections to find out the watch that matches your requirements. You will be surprised to see the wide range of collections available. Once you find the model that you like, check its price range to make sure that it falls within your budget. Spending capacity of the individual is very important and once you know your budget you will be able to estimate which model to select and which model to reject.

Also make sure that you buy your Piaget Chicago watch from an authorized store so that you don\'t end up with a fake piece. Make it a point to go through the different documents provided at the time of the purchase. One of these documents is the terms and conditions document where all the terms will be mentioned that is covered by the company and what all falls under the warranty feature. Once all these features are met then only buy the watch otherwise refrain from buying the piece.

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