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SUMMARY: The whimsical and lavish clothing collections of Mr. Graham reveals the sordid dreamworld of the designer himself, with his almost medieval approach to urban fashion, featuring layers of earthy tones, corsets, garter belts, and other trappings of a whole host of bygone eras. With a background in art and television set design, Graham launched his label in the mid 2000's to considerable success both in the fashion media and with consumers. One of his claims to fame includes a Britney Spears album in which the pop diva wears one of his creations. This postmodern designer's is available at the retail level at his boutique in downtown New York or at select boutiques in Los Angeles such as Girl Boy Girl or Bird. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Ray Ban Sunglasses Creativity Articulates For Itself

Author: jamespatrick

Ray Bans Speak \'Sexy\'

Ray Bans are the classic in style and beauty. When you want to look good and be healthy as well choose Ray Bans. Everyone needs to be careful about damaging rays from the sun, and be cool at the same time. These glasses are the best and the greatest value and quality. You can be a \'glamorous star\' when you wear Ray ban aviator glasses. General Douglas Mac Arthur made them famous during World War II. They\'re great for the shape of some people\'s faces, even for women.

Get The Hollywood Look

You might want to look like Tom Cruise or Val Kilmer. Whatever look you want, aviators cover the most area that is important if you really want to block a certain amount of glare. Plus they make you look \'the artist\' when you\'re \'styling\' with aviators. Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses can make you look and be visually articulate. When you want to say competent and tough say aviators. So, if you want to look \'military\' like in Top Gun, or just want to protect your eyes, you\'ll look good in Ray ban sunglasses. After the movie came out sales of aviators went up forty percent It\'s almost as if the culture forgot Ray Bans; but Ray Bans are classic and forever. Elegant Ray Ban sunglasses creativity articulates for itself in the sense that when you wear them, you\'re expressing who you are.
Protect Your Eyes, From Glare

When you live in England and the United Kingdom, light changes and cloudy environment make it necessary to wear good glasses to protect glare and aging skin. UV rays cause undue aging, especially for light skinned people Thus it\'s good to protect from glare because even cloudy conditions can have secondary glare from bouncing solar rays. If you don\'t want to have problems with your eyes later in life, you should protect them as much as possible. Light colored eyes are especially vulnerable to possible diseases from the sun.

Look \'Old School\' And New

Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses are the ultimate in cool. Invented in the nineteen fifties, they were immediately popular among the jazz, beat, and music crowd. They were the symbol for creativity and musicality. When you think \'artist\' you think wayfarer. Wayfarers are prescription friendly as well. They come in rare prints and some colors besides basic black. So, help yourself and your eyes by buying Ray Bans, and you\'ll be happy with your choice. No sunglasses have the quality of Ray Bans; and nothing makes a better statement. So, whether you wear the Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses, or the Wayfarer Sunglasses, you express the coolness within.

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The author of this article Cynthia Moore, is a lover of Aviators, and has used them as prescriptions, because they cover a good part of the eye and yet have a good look for those people who have oval faces. They can even look feminine under some fashion trends. The look is simple yet sophisticated. After she lost some classic Ray Bans, she had to buy more, because nothing is as good a brand as Ray Ban. Her father had them and passed them down. In honor of his memory and Ray Bans, she tried the aviators and loved them.