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SUMMARY: In her couture brand, designer Marie Claudinette Jean blends 18th Century aristocratic form with the taciturn tendencies of for a look that is cosmopolitan, urbane and sexy. Her Haitian heritage also influences some of her designs with a shimmer of Caribean flare. Since launching the brand in 2000, she has been met with considerable success and several celebrities such as Whitney Houston and Mary J. Blige have become regular clients for her custom designs. Her husband, musician Wyclef Jean, is a fan as well, and his band has played live shows while wearing her designs. Her showroom is located in downtown New York and is available by appointment. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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The fast growing trend of fashion in today's world

Author: Peter Baston

Style is the growing trend. Now everyday style ideas are evolved and discovered. It\'s a fashion conscious society now. A person tends to be or maybe we can say have grown more fashionable with passing time. Every individual has his or her fashion statement and everyone feels to look good and charming. So the fashion is growing and peoples are getting fashionable day by day. Every new design is launched by the fashion designers all round the world. These products are being promoted and publicized by the top models or now a day\'s most actors as well as actresses are also promoting them.

They use to promote everyday fashion sense among the public and look good. These products are promoted by top sportsmen as well as all public figures. So it helps the brands to connect with its customer more easily. Every common people has his or her one role model and the brands use them to promote their products and stuffs so it becomes more recognizable. But it is need to mention here that people now a days are more fashion and look concerned and so they always tends to look good and smart and so for that the main thing is good dressing sense and to look up to the current market trend. These days you have so many stylish fashion trends magazines and journals. You can read them and get all new ideas and the best clothing and fashions. You can even check those things over television as well. Some leading channels even conduct fashionable and trendy shows so as to attract their customers and buy their products. And if you promote your products by any of the public figures it is attracted or tried by customers more compared to others.

This day\'s womens fashion blog are also available which gives you all details about the latest trends and fashion sense. They visit those blogs to check all new products launched and those products which will be good for particular individual. No man and woman is lagging behind regarding fashion now a days. Both having their own fashion sense and so they dress and follow each of their latest trends. All this was like dream and hardly anybody dreamt of such things some ten or fifteen years back. But people are growing with new ideas and so are growing their fashion and style statements.

The everyday style ideas are being followed and are like spreading from here to there. Peoples copy or rather follow someone\'s dressing and fashion statement and tries of his own until it is being carried by someone else. This way it spreads all over the place and world. And to mention here to fashion or style is fixed for certain time it is bound to change. Nothing is permanent here and is bound to change someday. The everyday fashion is new growing trend and is being followed by today\'s generation abruptly. But it must be confessed here that people these days are more fashionable and conscious about their looks and dressing sense.

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The paragraph is about the everyday style ideas of the fashion world and also about everyday fashion of today\'s generation. The stylish fashion trends are a common thing in today\'s world and are having a Womens fashion blog which gives an idea about the latest trends.