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SUMMARY: Mr. Hendy is a well-educated designer from island of Trinidad. Hendy moved to New York in 1972 and began designing custom clothing as a tailor. In 1986, he started his own shop in the Flatbush district of Brooklyn. Twelve years later, he opened a showroom in Manhattan to gain some international exposure which got him the attention of R&B and rap artists like Missy Elliot, LL Cool J, Macy Gray, and R. Kelly. Hendy has designed clothing lines that address a variety of fashion disciplines that range from denim and suede to rave clothing and even formal clothing. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Rhinestone Flip Flops and Belts: Flavor of the Season

Author: Garry Nicole

It\'s a world known fact that women are fanatic when it comes to shoes. Whether it is for office or for a casual wear there are specific foot wear to suit every mood and occasion. From basic sandals to stilettos and wedge heels there is everything for every woman. When you are at a party high heels are something that would definitely make the heads turn but on a walk, shopping or a casual outing smart flats would be a comfortable option. Nowadays the latest fashion is western inspired accessories that come with rhinestone embellishments. You can find them everywhere from bags, belts, shoes, wallets; you just name it. When we say rhinestone it includes shimmer, glamour with a sense of sophistication and class. Whether you are up for a party or a beach walk this is a trend that would define you the best. Western inspired fashion is something that has always been associated with country music; therefore these accessories give you a retro feel too.

An item that is a part of every woman\'s wardrobe is flip flops. They form one of the most comfortable footwear when you are on the move. The wholesale western flip flops are suitable option to give you a glitz appeal. Even top notch celebrities could be seen sporting it. Nowadays beautifully crafted wedge heeled flip flops are available in the market that comes with interesting patterns and rhinestone embellishments. These are light weighted and are as comfortable as a basic foot wear. The shimmer with these items makes them perfect for any party or outing. Moreover these are generally available in black or other basic colors so it would blend well with almost every dress on your wardrobe. Customize your apparel with these flip-flops, matching earrings and a bag and here you are all set to rock a party.

Another important accessory is a belt. Many fashion designers feel that the choice of belt by a person could speak volumes about this personality and taste. A colorful and embellished wholesale rhinestone belts portrays an energetic and vibrant outlook of the person. You can also find then a leather make that would certainly make the look classy and appealing. Add the up with a layered gown or a nice pair of jeans and T-shirt to add the requisite grace to your attire.

You might be thinking that such items would have a heavy price attached to it. But it is not the case; you can find such products at online stores quite affordably.

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