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SUMMARY: Mr. Smalto is an Italian fashion designer who was born in 1927 and began designing clothing at the age of fourteen. His brand, Smalto, was launched in Paris in 1962, and he has since played an important role in the international world of men's fashion. Although his brand was purchased by Alain Dumenil in 2000, this designer continues to release new clothing, watches, and a very popular line of fragrances. His cologne is known for being particularly rustic with strong and spicy cedar notes and can be found with a moderate price at nearly any shop that has a good selection of colognes. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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How carrying an environmentally friendly shopper bag is the best bargain that you could bag from the market

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Have you ever faced the quintessentially frustrating situation, where the shopping bag given to you at a shopping mall or a store breaks, only to make you even more frustrated, when you realized that all the things you just selected and purchased from a store just fell off rolling down the street?


Going shopping should not be a frustrating experience, but a pleasant experience that becomes a part of your routine life or something that you need not have to be vexed about. So, what could change the way you shop while giving you the ultimately peaceful shopping experience?


Shopper bags for women made from material such as wool, cotton, or any other environmentally friendly fibers can be some things that work to the advantage of everyone - women, the environmentally friendly people and are also beneficial to the economically disadvantaged section of the society in that they get economically empowered too when they hand craft the bags.


So, how can a shopper bag for women be helpful to you when you go shopping at a store or a mall?


Reusable - While plastic bags could just lie sitting in a car or would end up in a garbage can after they get destroyed or damaged, a shopper bag would last much more than an average plastic shopper handbag.


Durable - You do not have to worry about running fast to your car or your vehicle to avoid the rigmarole of things dropping out of hand or rolling out of your hand when you use an environmentally friendly shopper bag, since they are far more durable as compared to the average shopper bags for women.


Convenience and Comfort - Where an average shopper bag for womenwould snap or otherwise make you feel uncomfortable, naturally crafted shopper bags for women not only do not snap in the middle of the road, but also help you conveniently and comfortably shop for as many things as you want without letting you worry about them falling down or dropping.


Soul soothing - Even if you do not use a plastic bag, it is okay to go ahead and make yourself feel great about it, while giving yourself something to think about how you have made another person\'s day too by contributing to the betterment of the economically not so privileged sections of the society.Explore a huge range of women\'s shopper bags this season at SPRDLX.Shop with confidence.

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