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SUMMARY: Mr. Gianni is an American designer label that specializes in fashion-forward women's pants that are designed to be flattering and urbane while remaining comfortable and flexible. The designers say that the secret to their success is a special type of imported European fabric that that is blend of spandex, polyester and viscose. Understanding that every woman's body is different, they offer a wide variety of pant styles and cuts to offer to their clientele, the most popular style being referred to as simply "#1001". This label's pants can be found in hundreds of designer boutiques located around the country as well as through the label's catalogue or website. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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A complete jewellery picking guide for your wedding

Author: rahulsony

If your wedding is nearby and you cannot sense your fashion statement for the day yet, then read the wedding guide below to cut short on your jewellery confusion right away. The below mentioned six-success jewellery deciding factors will help you rather know what has to be picked up exactly for your day, to make you look stunning yet different.

It\'s not a necessity: Wearing jewellery is no necessary, especially if you are planning your wedding in the cold winters. Often people just wear a lot many of them just because of the sake of wearing it. A lot of designers this year also showcased styles where the wedding jewellery was almost missing from your d-day, so if you want to do something totally different, you can try going without jewellery as well.

Keep it low and attractive: Most common in trend is to wear half of it, like make your necklace a skip while you include the bangles, wear a mangteeka but slowly skip the earrings. This is something which is going great in weddings this year.

Experiment-going: Try new metals on your body, maybe platinum, or silver or even brass, a metal going well with your dress colour or just the opposite. These days, in a lot many wedding, covering head with dupattas is out of fashion, similarly trying new metals is also going rock. Even artificial jewellery which you easily spot with Jabong coupons online can be a good consideration. They also offer your sets at discounted prices.

Invent your own style: Why be with the crowd. Create something of your own, go through wedding look-books and invent something of your own. Try fusing a Mughal mangteeka with a Pakistani salwar, and Indian kurta, ethnic designer bangles and a transparent dupatta all going in different colours. Or you can try the same fusion in off white colour. Keep your neck and ears vacant and get a hair style to go along with it.

Keep your fashion statement up: Make sure you don\'t go too vacant without jewellery though, if you are fair, try keeping it to gold, if you are dark or medium complexes go with light platinum and diamond jewellery or artificial designs. If white in complexion, try wearing heavy and go light with darker complexion category.

Set a category: Know what you want clear in your head, like do you want Kundan set or a Meenakshi in gold, Thewa style, Jaipuria works, Jadau, Vadaseri, Pachchikam or Tarkasi. You will set an idea on such styles with myntra webiste, they sell such stuff in artificial collection but if you want it precious, you can always get it from a jewellery brand accordingly. Try keeping it online because online prices are much cheaper compared to conventional stores, like if you shop something online using Myntra coupons, you get it at a far more competitive prices then you get it at other conventional stores.

Get your accessories note well: Keep clear headed on do you want a clutch along, do you want extra jewellery like a nose chain or a ear cover, or may be payals. Even in different religions, there are different customs as well which one should follow, keep that in mind as well. Like in Bengalis, they carry a sindhur kauto, a case which carries sindhur, during the wedding ceremonies, so if you are dressed in gold, make sure you don\'t end up carrying a silver sindhur kauto. You can get nice flowery bags with Inkfruit coupons, if you are looking for affordable range; make sure it goes well with your attire.

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