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SUMMARY: This Italian designer founded his eponymous fashion in 1968. Today, this is a multinational family enterprise. Son, Kean, heads the menswear division of the company while daughter, Veronica, is in charge of the woman’s ware.

Because of their use of bright colors, bold patterns, and fine tailoring, their products can be found at high-end stores around the world. A signature look for the label is the use of colorful fabrics used as a lining for its designs. Their Pegasus logo is also found on a variety of non-clothing items such as furniture, accessories, and fabrics. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Clothes Designed By Nanette Lepore Always Have a Glamorous Factor in Them

Author: Steve Smith

Wearing clothes could never have been fun without designers who pool all their creative ideas and designs to give clothes an uber look that compliments the look of a person who is wearing it. They spend days and nights only to design clothes. A fashion designer plays a very effective role in giving any person an image makeover. As clothing forms an important part of the person\'s attitude towards life so designing them properly is also important. Most of the celebrities whether in the field of sports or acting often take the help of these professionals to style them according to the latest trends in the fashion industry.

It is only the fashion designers who bring the latest trends in fashion and then it becomes popular among the masses or the general public. These people have the ability to think out of the box by applying all their competence and skills to create a new fashion. Even a geek kind of guy can be made to look fashionable with the right kind of dress. This is where the role of a fashion designer comes. They can design the clothes that suits your body type and colour whether brunette, blonde or skinny.

If we talk of some of the top designers of the world then it will be incomplete without mentioning the name of Nanette Lepore. She is a leading name in American Fashion and is mainly known for creating outfits that have bold colours and also for her signature style silhouettes. Dresses designed by her speak for themselves as they emanate the beauty of a person whosoever is wearing it. At the age of nine she started making dresses. In the later part of her life she studied fashion designing and gained tons of experience by working across different fashion studios in New York. It was in the year 1992, when she came out with her own brand. Today, she has a celebrity client base that includes the first lady of US Michelle Obama and Hollywood actor Eva Longaria.

Nanette Lepore is one such fashion designer who stands out among the crowd and has successfully been able to create her own range of swimsuits. She has created her unique designing prints in swim wear such as bikinis which women can flaunt while on a holiday in beaches. The reason why most of the women prefer to wear her creations are that the swim wears come with high cut thighs and the flats are also thick.

She designs all the dresses by maintaining the bohemian look. Another of her trademark creations includes a patched and beaded dress. Nanette Lepore\'s spring ‘12 collection came in to notice as she mainly designed the dresses keeping in mind about the corporate women. In all her garments she used mid tone summer colours like royal blue, purple and pink. Her main idea to create such a wide array of dresses was to make the modern women look more feminine and simple.  Miley Cyrus wore a dress designed by Nanattee Lepore at the Red Carpet Fashion awards.

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