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SUMMARY: Mr. Cortazar was born in Bogota, Columbia to jazz singer Dominique Vaghan and artist Valentino Cortazar on May 17, 1984. When he was 12, the family moved to Miami Beach, Florida, where the young Esteban was first introduced to the world of fashion design by his neighbor and famous fashion designer, Todd Oldham. At just 13 years of age, he produced his first collection for a talent show at his elementary school. By the age of 15, he made his first d├ębut with a 30-piece collection. Now in his early 20's, Mr. Cortazar must establish himself as a rising, mature talent in the fashion industry with his sleek, fluid styles. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Tuxedo - A Dress Code Making You a Complete Man

Author: Aarav

A Formal wear is a dress code that is usually worn at times of wedding, night parties and formal evenings. Tuxedo is one such formal dress for men, which gives a sophisticated look in ceremonies and evening parties. It is an outer wear with one, two or three buttons with similar stripes, pattern and texture of trousers. Every man looks handsome in this formal suiting. The most popular color of tuxedo is black and midnight blue. It is also available in different colors as many wish to look unique and outstanding from others. Almost every man use to dress in black or blue tuxedo with white shirts. Then, how to look stunning and be centre of attraction among the group in a formal evening? It depends on the choice of color and pattern that fits you perfectly. Here are some ideas in choosing the perfect tuxedo for a great formal evening and meeting.

The color and pattern you choose must go well with your complexion and height. Black and Blue Tuxedo suits those persons who are fair and tall. Certain pattern makes you look short and dull. Normally every one wishes to wear white shirts. Come out of white and wear some bright colors as it gives you simple and elegant look.

Be different from others in way of selecting the accessories like tie, bow, hankie and shoes. If you are thin, prefer to choose double breasted jacket with 2 or 3 buttons. Whereas, if you are stout, go for single breast jacket with single button. All these helps in getting trim and perfect body.

Never leave your jacket pocket empty. Place a silk or patterned hand kerchief that suits well with your tuxedo. Do not forget about the bow as it is very important for a formal dressing. Perfect bow or shining tie helps to add more beauty to your clothing. Wear a comfortable shoe for stylish walk which brings positivity and confidence in you.

Small and minute things like hair cut, clean shave, tie pin and many other finishing touches gives a classy appearance.

Most important of all, do not rent a tuxedo, as it spoils your appearance entirely. Get an own tux as it increases your image. Do not worry about prices. There are many online sellers who provide premium quality formal outfits at fewer prices. These sellers have wide range of formal outfits in varied colors and sizes that can be chosen easily. Other than tuxedo, complementary accessories can also be bought with ease. Unlike normal shops and malls that allow every product for trial, these sellers send only fresh and unused piece of clothing with original price tags and packing. Get your own tuxedo that can be worn for all occasions and look smarter and sophisticated.

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