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How to Keep Body in Shape by Using Bodyshapers

Author: cenataylor

Now no need to skip the diet, routine exercise, yet get a firmer bustline, sexier waistline and a perfect bottom. No need to suppress your desire to wear the sexy outfits. Wear bodyshaper and stay confident.

Bodyshapers are used to correct the imperfections in the body and reshape .The garment balances the figure by squeezing different body areas, namely by flattening the belly, reducing the size of the thighs, helping in breast pushups. They are made of different materials .Most commonly used are Nylon and Lycra. Previously, the fabric which was used did not offer much elasticity, which in turn would not mould the body perfectly. But nowadays not only the material used is of higher quality, but they are formed in such a way that they are easier to wear and durable. There are many diverse choices for both men and women. For instance, pregnancy waistband is the most liked product in the market.

There are various types of Bodyshapers which include bodysuits, brassieres, corsets,body shaping underwear, control panties, Garter belts, Girdles, Body briefers, control slips, control camisoles.

Bodysuits: Reaches from the lower thighs all the way up to the chest. It offers  chest lift, stomach squeezing, thigh reduction and hip reduction.

Brassieres : It helps in breast pushup, by showing fuller breast size.

Corsets: It enhances the body figure by compressing the waist, stomach and hips.

Control Panties : It assists in tucking in the stomach, back and waist.

Garter belts: This is a belt with attached garters, worn as an undergarment to hold up stockings.

Girdles:  worn over the waist and hips to give a slender look.

Body briefers: High waisted   to assist with tucking in the stomach, whilst shaping thighs and buttocks.

Control slips: It hides small imperfections .Mostly lightweight and only lightly helps shape the stomach and hips.

Control Camisole: It shapes the chest, stomach and waistline. It mostly has a built in bra or an additional support to an existing bra.

Before choosing the correct body shaper, one needs to get the accurate measurement of the body. The main function of this garment is to make the figure look curvy and attractive. Sizing plays an important part while choosing the Body shaper. If the wrong measurements are taken, the pressure points will land in the wrong places. Measure all three areas mainly the chest, waist and the hips.

The buyers have to determine which part of the body needs to be taken care of .The next step is to figure out the level of compression. The body shapers come in three different level of control: Light, Moderate & Firm.

Light: Gives minimal support, but they are the most comfortable to wear. Mostly worn under delicate fabrics.

Moderate: They squeeze only in the targeted areas, which help in reducing bulges. They can be sometimes worn under thinner fabrics.

Firm: They have built in compression bands and panels that cinch certain areas to give a slimmer look.

They provide support in breast pushups and tightening the rear area.

Bodyshapers usually appear in high-end department stores, Specialty women shops.

On TV, in articles, online, there are infinite methods to stay healthy and stay in shape. Every year, people get caught up in the long term weight loss program. Apparently, keep losing patience and also lot of money behind it. Astoundingly, the only solution to all these problems is none other than ‘Body Shaper\'.

The above information will educate women on how to choose the correct bodyshaper and gain the dream figure without undergoing tedious exercise regimes, diet control plans and weight loss tricks.

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Having a flair in fashion and clothing, Cena Taylor love to write about the latest trends in apparels and bodyshapers. He like to discus about the popular and trending dresses,body shaping underwear, body shaper,bodysuits and other clothing options for ladies.