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Make your wedding day more beautiful with perfect Lingerie

Author: Swapna

Usually, the bridal ensemble is put together with great care by the bride and her family. One important aspect of the bridal trousseau is the lingerie. Given that this bit is quite intimate, the bride has to pay lot more attention to buying lingerie. Buying lingerie is easy unlike it seems. After all there are so many styles & designs available. Every woman has purchased lingerie for her daily use. But bridal lingerie is far different from the basic bras or everyday lingerie that you can buy without a second thought. You must select wedding night lingerie with great care keeping in mind your figure & body type, your dresses and your passions and fantasies. It is also important to ensure that while your bridal lingerie is romantic & appealing, it is also made of good quality material that is skin-friendly and irritation free – after all, you want to be at your sexy, quirky and playful best.

There was a time when bridal lingerie was all about pure white, goody-goody basic undergarments, but nowadays, women choose more colorful, stylish, designer bridal bras and other intimate apparels. Without many exceptions, you\'ll find sexy bikini briefs, lace bras, thongs, itsy-bitsy g-strings and flirty babydolls in the bridal lingerie ensemble.

Here are some tips while purchasing bridal lingerie:


  1. It is important to club together a matching or contrasting bra & panty, preferably something exotic like lace or sheer. It may be a good idea to select a Lingerie Set instead of trying to match bra & panty. Elegant, sexy and demure lingerie set make perfect inclusions to your bridal trousseau. Lingerie worn under the wedding dress should be discreet and not show up.
  2. Always consider your comfort while picking up bridal lingerie – the wedding day and night are hectic and there are so many things happening around you – the last thing you want is uncomfortable innerwear. You must try your bridal lingerie with your wedding dress before the day of wedding ceremony so that you can check out the look, feel & comfort of all that you are going to wear.
  3. While a pajama set, sleepshirt or nightgown may be what you have become habitual of wearing, bridal nightwear has to be more flirtatious and exotic – choose from sexy babydolls, short chemise and naughty camis and shorts for your wedding and honeymoon. Most brides choose babydolls to make their first night special.
  4. You can find matching bras, panties, accessories & romantic nightwear for your wedding at lingerie stores and lingerie section of any departmental store. The staff there can help you with size and quality and also suggest you the styles that you can use with different dresses. If you want even more exotic bridal innerwear or if you feel shy to explore lingerie in a departmental store, then online lingerie shopping could be one of the best options because it gives you more privacy & choice than any offline lingerie store.


So, get ready girl – the big day awaits you. It is not that tough to choose the wedding lingerie you want. You can select from various styles and designs at a lingerie store. Better still, if you decide to buy from online lingerie stores, then you will find a huge collection of lingerie, nightwear, shapewear & other accessories at appealing prices. Most online lingerie retailers offer to deliver lingerie at your doorstep in discreet packaging.

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About the Author

Swapna Gosh has handful of experience and a good understanding in Online Lingerie Shopping by working with different online retailers. She is a firm believer that women deserve the best of everything including the perfect lingerie. Looking good on the inside is sure to make you look good on the outside.