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SUMMARY: Doori Fashions is owned and created by D. R. Chung, a Korean American fashion designer who studied at Parsons in New York City. Ms. Chung received on the job training under Geoffrey Beene before she spent several years on her own creating designs that would eventually be the core of her business adventure in 2005. The designs tend to be both feminine and bohemian that won her the Council of Fashion Designers Vogue award in 2006.

Doori clothes can be purchased through the following stores in the United States: Barney's and Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, Nordstroms in Dallas, Nordstrom in Los Angeles and Boyd's in Philadelphia. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Tye Dye and Batik Prints are Back in Fashion with Surf Culture Clothes

Author: Ralph Hill

Are you gearing up for a wonderful water sport this summer? Well make sure that you must not miss on something very important like your summer clothes!

Several fashion houses have launched the new summer-spring collection of the unique surfing apparels which brings back the hand made tye-dye and batik prints in fashion. The luxe surf clothes bondi are designed for both men and women, making these apparels the perfect summer and beach wearable with monochrome, animal and batik prints in different colour shades from light to dark.

The cloth material of tye dye shirt designs Sydney is pure cotton and is prepared using ancient old wax batik process and the remaining wax on the fabric can be removed by simply hand washing it into the cold water. If any irregularity appears on the cloth which looks like a flaw, is the uniqueness of this fabric. Being 100cotton the garment becomes softer after every wash making it more comfortable to wear during the summer.

A great line of luxe surf clothes bondi shirts and shorts are available for men such as Flamingo shirts and shorts, Laguna shirt, Piranha shirt, Rainbow Pop jumper, Tribal shirt and shorts, Bamboo shirt, Barracuda shirt, Jellyman shorts, Marina shorts, Tetris shorts and Village shorts etc. Among these lines of clothing tye dye shirt designs Sydney are Laguna, Piranha, Barracuda and Rainbow Pop jumper etc.

Mens batik shirts Sydney are hand made using the right kind of art work and skilled waxing. The ancient old wax batik process is being used before dying the cloth. These shirts are also very popular now days. The shirts are kept short sleeved and light to make them airy and comfortable, each piece being uniquely designed. A limited number of these clothes are being produced so that your style doesn\'t become common to all.

Bleachers skirt, Faux pinafore, Liquid Velvet Tee, Flamingo pinafore, Oyster shirt, Flamingo Shirt & Short, Rainbow pop bralet, Scuba skirt, Seeker skirt, Bobo crop, Duke vest, Okana jacket and Algae leather skirt several lines of women street wear clothes. You can always wear them in mix and match style sometimes. Like Okana jacket with swim suit or denim shorts or LBD! The trendy wear bleaches out mini linen skirt has fused waist band and invisible side zip. The silk taffeta and flamingo pinafore dresses, flamingo slim fit shirts make the perfect luxe surf clothes bondi. All these clothes are handmade, can be washed at home and are also available on the web store.

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About the Author

Ralph Hill is the designer for luxe surf clothes bondi. She brings back the retro tye-dye and batik prints into the surf culture clothing. Her latest collection is meant for water sports and hot summer days.