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Need Diva apparel at a discount? This is the guide for some of the best alternatives, anywhere online. I've decided to list some websites that seem to consistently have the lowest prices. Below are the websites that I recommend.

SUMMARY: There are so many clothing lines that use the word "Diva" as part of their label, that this page is meant to be a resource for shopping for all of them. However, I will describe one label in particular. "Trashy Diva" is a clothing line based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. This company began in 1996 and continues to grow. Going online way back in 1997 was also a significant boost to the growth of this compay. The company originally started out as a vintage clothing store but has since grown into a company that has a larger variety of clothing to choose from. They added six more designs to their clothing line in 2000.

There are several boutiques around the world where this label is sold. New Orleans remains the boutique that is known the most for the clothing. They have expanded far beyond what they had ever expected they would. Besides their online site at, you might search eBay and the online portals for deals but be sure to take your vitamins first, because it will take an effort to narrow down the number of "Diva" labels to this brand. Links to search results are below:

Bizrate/Shopzilla - Diva



Be An Adult And Give Mystic Topaz Jewelry To Your Grandma

Author: Joseph Gibson

Grandmothers can be given plenty of credit for the items they have stored through the years.  Throughout the years, they could have amassed several items significant to them, where they have treasured particular gifts and valuables.  Grandmothers will often be responsible for indulging us in our youth where they have given us tokens of their affection.  Few grandparents expect much more than a Christmas ornament crafted from pretzels and gold glitter or a photo from an 8-year old.  Since you now are a grown up, it is time to think more about your grandma and give her something she will really love for her birthday.  One idea may be to give special people jewelry made from one of a kind stones, for instance a mystic topaz that is a gemstone dark in color yet reflects light in a breathtaking way.  For all those relations who managed to put you first, it is certainly time to give back.  Make the next personal gift to your grandma extra special with unique jewelry she will really like, and redefine your relationship with a loved relation.  


Many family members give cards to commemorate birthdays.  Since the development of email, the amount of junk and number of bills that come almost exclusively in snail mail can get depressing.  Sending a touching card with a little something hidden inside would sure to please grandma on her special day.  Including a special piece of jewelry made with a mystic topaz is certainly one way grandma would feel the love and well wishes you are sending her way for her special birthday.  One could send flowers which has a small gift wrapped package included, likely to put a smile on her face.  You could come up with a few ways to wrap the present, where half the fun would be her opening the present.   


You will be surprised at the number of things you never discovered about your granny.  After always putting you first, she might not have had a chance to inform you of some parts about her truly outstanding life.  With family backgrounds and throughout the generations, many families have important or significant heirlooms or testimonies they pass down.  New traditions can be started giving incredible items to grandma where she can leave them to loved ones when she passes on.  Listen to memories and let her know she is special to you by offering her something exceptional for her special day.  Instead of living in the past, encourage your loved ones to come together in the present.  Spend quality time with family members as an adult, and give outstanding presents.  Much as they were talking to people their own age, establish a better relationship with a grand parent and become involved and interested in learning about their life when they were your age and what they accomplished in life.  Some of the wisdom your grandma might tell you as an adult might surprise you.   


You are not a little baby anymore, and it is time to be an adult around your grandma.  One way to start out is by giving presents such as mystic topaz jewelry.  Consider the kind of gift you would give to a female cousin or good friend instead of only sending a card or email.  Your grandma is definitely a relative, close friend, and confidant in your adult life.  You need to step away from being a little kid that enjoys sweets and doodles to further explore a meaningful new relationship with your grandma.  Appreciate the relationships you have with your family members, and show that you care.

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