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SUMMARY:It's interesting that this maker of upscale tropical themed clothing uses "Bahama" given that the company is in Seattle and it's owned by a company in Georgia. But we can imagine it's from the Bahamas, right?

I found that in my search for a Tommy Bahama item that Bizrate/Shopzilla and Amazon had deals good enough that I would want to purchase brand new over used. Even so, I would browse eBay anyway because there are a couple of eBay sellers who almost seem to have a cult-like fascination with Tommy Bahama. Just the elaborate design of their stores alone makes them worth the browse and their selections are so extensive that they are worth the browse. Below are links to search results for this brand:

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Delightful Dussehra Shopping Ideas

Author: giftease

While I write this, you are already prepping on your shopping list for Dussehra and getting all worked up! All I can say is that festival planning can be a bit overwhelming and with little planning you can come out a winner in this shopping blitzkrieg. If you are looking for a shopping guide, then you are at the right place! Let me tell you, all of us have the tendency to go overboard with festival shopping, but the positives of Dussehra shopping every year is it sets the tone for Diwali shopping which is just few weeks away!

Get started with looking around what your home exactly needs on this festival. From a fresh coat of paint to cleaning, each home\'s requirements are unique. Draw a list of must haves, for example how about buying few vases and decorative bowls; pour water and fresh flowers in them along with tea light candles and accentuate the corners of your living room; in fact they can be used as a centerpiece too. Puja accessories are an inevitable part of festival shopping. There are innumerable puja thalis crafted from clay, wood and other light metals available on great discounts. Just put all your puja essentials in these thalis like kumkum, rice, haldi and more, you don\'t have to worry about looking for little things while performing the puja with family.

Next in the list is D├ęcor; are you happy with the decor of your home? If you feel like having a small makeover, then shop for knick knacks like lamps, lanterns, cushion throws for your bed sets. These are really affordable and will make you feel that your home is just getting ready for bigger celebrations during Diwali. After your home\'s decor, it\'s all about you and your family. Big or small, shop something for Dussehra as it\'s considered an auspicious day. Surprise kids with books and toys, elders can indulge in some jewellery and accessory shopping.

Dussehra is metaphorical for the end of evil and rise of good, therefore it\'s considered an auspicious day for any new venture, purchases and shopping. They say one doesn\'t really need to refer an auspicious time on Dussehra as the day itself is holy and prosperous. Most people await Dussehra to buy gold, silver and vehicles.

Hope you are feeling better with our small shopping guide. Just don\'t worry about entertaining guests, bring on some chocolates and dry fruits to serve them. Welcome with a broad smile and your Dussehra just got Delightful!

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