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SUMMARY: This label targets women who are streetsmart, sexy and who enjoy flirting with societal restrictions. Cofounders,Laura and Ashley "Dimes" began this label by modifying American Apparel designs and their personal, hip-hop influenced fashion sense is reflected in their line. They aspire to have a mass-produced label that impresses their target consumer as seeming exclusive.

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Right Season to Present Diwali Chocolates

Author: justintaylar

There are many chocolate lovers in the world; hence, it is not surprising to note the myriad of chocolates available in the market. Famous Switzerland and Belgium chocolates are flown halfway across the world to satisfy the chocolate cravings of different communities.

Online purchases are now possible with the advent of the Internet and progressive technology.

Special occasion

Chocolates are the favored gift when it comes to a special occasion especially when the recipient is a chocolate lover. Chocolates can be given on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, promotions and festivals such as Diwali and Christmas.

Diwali chocolates are well received as the festival of lights hold deep religious meaning to the devout individuals. The rich cocoa and chocolate aroma in sweet or bitter taste brings on great satisfaction and delight as one indulges in some simple luxuries in life.

Many Diwali devotees enjoy presenting or sending a box or hamper of chocolates during this festive occasion as a token of appreciation and thanksgiving for loved ones. Diwali chocolates may be sent as an opportunity to strengthen or improve relationships in the family or business circles. Hence, more and more companies across the globe are sending chocolates during Diwali to enhance their business ties with associates, investors and customers.

Diwali is a time of great joy and festive celebration which can be further enhanced with the giving of gifts such as chocolates.


Premium chocolates and candies are favored during Diwali when it comes to presenting a heartfelt gift to another. Diwali chocolates can be ordered from the myriad of chocolate stores in the neighborhood or on the Internet for a professional customer delivery.

Purchasing chocolates online can be very convenient and easy for those who are busy or do not know what type of chocolates to buy. These online chocolate stores websites have a plethora of choice chocolates in exquisite wrappings and packages. Online orders of Diwali chocolates are efficient and affordable.

Premium chocolate stores on the Internet can be purchased easily at the fingertips. The best of tasty and fresh chocolates can be purchased and sent over to the recipient at any part of the world with the established connections of the retailer.

Diwali chocolates can be beautifully packaged in a lovely gift box to impress the recipient. Different types of chocolates can be put together and packaged up exquisitely according to the preferences and budget of the sender. Any heart would melt upon receiving Diwali chocolates.

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