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SUMMARY: Mr. Binetti introduced his clothing line over 5 years ago. He was the former design director of Jill Stuart and his clothing line has gotten positive reactions in the marketplace as well as the media. His line has a romantic theme and his items have found their way into the glossies such as W and he now has a global presence.

In order to find this label, you don’t have to go as far as Los Angeles or New York. However, the presence of this label online is somewhat limited to a few pieces on Amazon and eBay. Links to search results for this brand are below:

Bizrate/Shopzilla - Diego Binetti

Diego Binetti

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Decorate Your House with the Best Tartan Curtain Fabric

Author: Johnsmith1

These people are among a handful of those who have kept the traditional art of the hand-made fabric alive in some parts of the country. Scottish and Irish fabric is famous for its beautiful and unique pattern and pure wool all over the globe. The popular Irish winter clothing like aran sweaters or jumpers is made of quality tartan fabric.

There was a time when hand-woven fabric from small villages of Scotland or Ireland was famous throughout the world for the high quality of pure wool and silk and the superior craftsmanship. With time the handlooms have been mostly replaced by sophisticated machines. However there is nothing like a purely hand-woven tartan or tweed fabric and it is still in high demand even in this modernised world of artificial material.

Weaving a fine fabric on a manually operated loom is not an easy job and takes hours of meticulous work from the weavers. It is a work of art and love and the effort and dedication put into making these fabric a world-class brand is evident in the superior quality of the fabric that is unmatched by anything else. It is special and one of its own kind in the entire world and even the most advanced of machines cannot produce something as exquisite a piece of hand-crafted work as a beautifully woven tartan fabric.

Curtains are like the clothes of a well-furnished room. Well chosen curtains with exquisite colour schemes and fabrics can offer that rich and luxurious look to a house. Curtains are not used just for protection against sunlight, strong winds and for privacy, but are also one of the most impressive features of the interior of a well-decorated house that adds to it\'s beauty and aesthetic appeal. There are many types and styles of curtain fabric available in today\'s markets and tartan curtain fabric is one of the most favoured one of the traditional style fabric in many regions of the world.

The chequered or criss-crossed patterns of the tartan fabric are a speciality of this traditional fabric. The curtains made from it merge very well with different wall colours and furnishings. They are versatile in style and colour schemes and are adaptable to different types of homes like a more traditional and relaxed country-side dwelling with sober colours and antique furniture or an ultra-modern house with trendy furniture and brightly coloured walls and flooring.

Whether you are looking for the finest tartan or tweed fabric for your curtain or clothing, it is best to give proper thought while selecting the right shades of colours and patterns. You can even get your fabric made-to-order from the exclusive facility offered by some fabric mills.


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