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SUMMARY: Ms. von Furstenberg first arrived on the fashion scene in 1972 with her iconic wrap dress. By 1976, she had sold millions of her dresses symbolizing female power and freedom to an entire generation. Ms. von Furstenberg reemerged on the New York fashion scene in 1997 with the re-launch of her famous dress collection that started her career. This launch began transforming her company into the global luxury lifestyle brand it is today. The designer's collection is available throughout the world at various specialty stores. Such as at Madison, Ambiance, and Tucci in California; Urban Chic in Washington, DC; Bleu Belle in Savannah, GA; and Tootsies in Houston , TX. Throughout the world, this label can be found in countries such as Austria, Belgium, Brazil, China, Japan, and South Africa. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Bring Home the Splendour of the Traditional Fabric of UK

Author: Johnsmith1

Fashion is always changing with times and seasons. Wonderful clothing choices are available for both men and women for every season and mood. The glorious world of fashion has the potential to transform our world into a fairyland with its out-of-the-world styles, designs and colours of the clothes and accessories available today.

If you choose to be fashionable, you have plenty to look forward to in terms of styles and designs of various kinds. It doesn\'t matter a bit in today\'s fashion-world what part of the globe you are from. You can make yourself look stylish and attractive in any country and season with the right choice of style and fabric from all around the world.

With internet becoming a household thing even in the developing countries, the world has certainly turned into a global community. The traditional fabric of distant countries like the tartan or tweed style of fabric is now available to almost anyone on the earth. It is now possible to quench your thirst for wearing clothing from distant parts of the world without actually having to travel to those regions. Whether you love the Scottish tartan style fabric for your clothes or wedding kilts, an icelandic jumper or a Harris Tweed jacket or a Cashmere sweater or blanket, you can have it all online with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The simple winter clothing that is generally considered a bit dull and boring in their outlook and limited colours, is made quite attractive with the modern fashion design trends. Wearing hand-knit cardigan sweaters or jumpers is quite in fashion in Great Britain for every season and these craftily designed winter-clothing is considered to be a huge fashion all around the world.

People love those interesting criss-crossed patterns and the rich and luxurious feel of the pure wool or silk. They are eager to spend a lot of money to add those clothes and accessories to their pride possessions. Women in particular who are always considered to be more fashion conscious than men love these exquisite fabric for their attire and proudly don it on special occasions and everyday life with equal ease and passion. Even children have a lot to choose from when it comes to the beautiful tartan or tweed fabric clothing.

These traditional fabrics which are still hand-woven in some very rare parts of Scotland or Ireland are transformed into wonderful pieces of clothing by the modern fashion designers to make them suitable for wearing in every season and region in the world. The creativity and innovation in the splendid designs and styles is certainly commendable and has opened a whole new world of fashionable winter clothing and accessories for the fashion-lovers of the world.


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