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SUMMARY: Ms. Samandi was inspired by her great aunt who was a silent movie actress. She loved the fashion that her grandmother created a career from using the designs of the past and old Hollywood. She is known for Jonquil, her vintage-inspired romantic lingerie line she created twenty-seven years ago.

It was just two years ago that Ms. Samandi decided to expand the designs and looks of her ready to wear collection that is unique and luxurious yet simple. You can find this label in many different stores such as Saks, Barneys, Henri Bendel, Lisa Kline, and Planet Blue. Links to search results for this label are below:

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Scottish Tartan - the Traditional Brand Fabric of Scotland

Author: Johnsmith1

It is a peculiar fabric style that originated from Scotland and was famous for the hand-crafted variety made in small villages of the country. The traditions slowly deteriorated with passage of time and it is now very rare to find a traditional tartan weaver in Scotland as the handlooms are replaced by computer operated electronic looms.

Tartan is a special kind of fabric style that is made of a peculiar criss-crossed pattern or a plaid fabric. It has vertical and horizontal bands of fabric that are of varying colours. It was originally made of pure wool. Nowadays, however, these are made from various other materials like silk, cotton and even artificially produced synthetic fabrics.

The tartan style of fabric comes in about 2 to 6 colours. It is the traditional clothing fabric of Scotland and is used by men, women and kids in various forms of clothing including kilts, jumpers, dresses, scarves, snugs, blankets, and even in accessories like handbags, caps, hats, gloves, neck-ties, etc. Even some unusual accessories like belts, wrist-bands, ear-pins, etc. are designed with the tartan style of fabric.

The Scottish tartan is famous in the fashion world all over the globe and is considered a speciality style of fabric of that country. It\'s quality is unmatched and the originally hand-crafted tartan fabric is considered very rare and valuable. Tartan clothing is considered trendy and fashionable in any weather, but particularly so in cold winter season. It can be adjusted according to the need of the dress or the accessories in which it is going to be used.

The patterns and colours too can be customized to the preferences of the individual who is going to wear the clothing. Not everyone likes a bold and big checked pattern with very bright and warm colours like the red, as it may not suit their dressing sense and even personality. For instance, a bulky person might look fatter in a fabric with a pattern of larger checks on it while the same fabric might enhance a thinner person\'s personality. For this reason, it is always better to select the right pattern while buying tartan clothing.

Fashion is always changing with times and seasons. Wonderful clothing choices are available for both men and women for every season and mood. The glorious world of fashion has the potential to transform our world into a fairyland with its out-of-the-world styles, designs and colours of the clothes and accessories available today.

If you choose to be fashionable, you have plenty to look forward to in terms of styles and designs of various kinds. It doesn\'t matter a bit in today\'s fashion-world what part of the globe you are from. You can make yourself look stylish and attractive in any country and season with the right choice of style and fabric from all around the world.


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