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SUMMARY: In 1998, this label was created in California and they presently are headquartered in Los Angeles, California with a presence in Menlo Park. This label is known to customizing design prints at a reasonable price.

This label also commits the all too common sin of having a name that is too similar to a common noun. This makes it a challenge to hunt them down online. Given their limited retail presence, your bargain shopping is limited pretty much to eBay. If you are up for the adventure, there are a few scattered discounted items listed in the search results for this label's name. Links to search results for this brand are below:

Bizrate/Shopzilla - Delux


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Vital considerations that determine baby clothing purchase from online stores

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Babies grow much faster than we could ever imagine! This is probably the reason why a beautiful frock bought for a little girls or a new pair of shorts meant for a baby boy becomes undersized within a months. In case you are a mother, you will certainly know how frequently you have to replace your growing kid\'s wardrobe with a new set of clothing.

Although you cannot save much money as you buy baby clothes at regular intervals, you can save your time now!  The baby clothing onlinestores helps in economizing on your valuable time by assisting you to shop for your kid\'s apparels from the privacy of your home. 

But you need to know something vital when you visit the online stores to buy baby clothing. Know what they are.

  • Safety parameters

You must pay utmost attention to the fabric, dye and trimmings present in the baby clothes showcased at the online shops. It is always best to buy soft cotton clothing for your tot since the material is tender on your baby\'s tender skin. Similarly, the dye used for the baby clothing must be natural and azo-free. You must ensure that the trimmings are not prickly as they might hurt your baby.   You can personally assure yourself about these specifications when you buy baby clothing from physical stores. But you cannot do much while buying online. Therefore, it is always recommended that you make your purchases from a dedicated and acclaimed Baby clothing online shop only.

  • Choose the right size

You must be particular about the size of your baby\'s apparels when you intend to buy a new one. You can still buy clothes which are a size greater than your baby\'s original size, but buying smaller sized clothing will mean wastage of money. So, refrain from buying baby clothing sale with discount rates on selected items offered by online baby clothing stores if the products do not comply with the usual size of your kid\'s clothing.

  • Reject unpacked clothes

While some online baby clothing stores offer the option of paying during the delivery, others ask for an advance payment. Follow the instructions of the online store you have opted for in order to ensure smooth transaction. But you should simultaneously ensure that the merchandize will be delivered at your doorstep on the date specified by the online shop. However, be prompt enough to deny the acceptance of any merchandize which comes without packing. The online store is bound to offer you your purchased baby clothing in fully sealed Gift Boxes which only you are supposed to unpack. So, unpacked merchandise might imply that duplicate or used merchandize has been sent to you!


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