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SUMMARY: Dana Buchman is a fixture of the fashion world. Earning her degree from Brown University, President's Fellow from Rhode Island School of Design and her advanced degree at St. Martin's School of Art in London got this native Tennessean her start in the industry.

Because of her focus on women of all shapes and sizes, she is known for bringing designs to life that are both fashionable and affordable. Dana Buchman's line includes not only clothing, but eyewear and coordinating accessories as well.

These designs can be found at major shopping portals as well as eBay. It's a tossup as to which would be the better choice since most portals and eBay carry a large selection of this label and the larger eBay sellers that carry this label are some of the most reputable on eBay. Links to search results for this brand are below:

Shopzilla - Dana Buchman outlet stores


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Mechanical branded watches under 10K$

Author: markvince

Mechanical hand watches are something to behold. Be it branded watches worth exuberating prices or old classic luxury watches, the intricacies behind their mechanics are mostly the same and have remained the same for hundreds of years. The mechanics behind hand watches feature a mainspring rotating a barrel which, in turn, powers the escapement. That simple! Or not…


So how did branded watches come to be worth so much?


What actually separates high class branded watches from the lower segment of mechanical hand watches are materials and production methods. One difference between branded watches and other less expensive hand watches is that most luxury watches make use of synthetic rubies in order to keep moving parts from grinding away.

Take for example 'Il Destriero Scafusia' branded watches which contain 76 of these jewels. The whooping price for such luxury watches revolves around 200.000$.


In case you can\'t afford such high priced luxury watches, rest assured. We have compiled a short list of mechanic branded watches with price tags below 10.000$.


First on our 'under 10K$ hand watches' list is the Habring 2 Doppel. What made these hand watches famous was their Doppelchronograph, a stopwatch that could record two distinct intervals at the same time. Recently, an updated version of these branded watches was launched, only in limited numbers. These historically important brand watches are tagged at 7.800$.


Second on our list is the Zenith Captain Winsor. These hand watches have become the exception to the norm of highly expensive Swiss luxury watches. With a price tag of 9.700$, these hand watches feature the famous El Primero high-speed chronograph that automatically resets the date on the calendar module.


Third on our list of low cost luxury watches are the Frederique Constant Classics. Ever since 2001, Frederique Constant hand watches have represented the standards of Swiss quality. Their latest model features and updated version of their in-house developed Maxime movement and is priced at only 2.250$ for the stainless steel version. When it comes to Swiss branded watches, that\'s a hard price to beat!


The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon 39 is next on our low cost luxury watches list. With a price tag of 9.450$, these hand watches are a true statement of traditional design. The Jaeger-LeCoultre branded watches feature a hand-finished ultrathin automatic movement, a monochrome dial and many more. These luxury watches have been in high demand for the past 50 years and are bound to continue the tradition of quality mechanical hand watches.


Our final entry on our under-10K luxury watches list is the Grand Seiko GMT. Many of you might not think of Seiko as a luxury watches brand and, more precisely, not as mechanical hand watches. Grand Seiko is a different story though. Under the Grand Seiko name, the brand has recently released the limited edition GMT model. Featuring a price tag of 6.300$, these mechanical branded watches have come to represent Japanese craftsmanship at its highest level.


Mechanical luxury watches with reasonable price tags have become an entry point to what was once an exclusivist world. As we have witnessed, mechanical hand watches don\'t necessarily have to cost you an arm and a leg and there is actually some diversity when it comes to choosing a model.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/gifts-articles/mechanical-branded-watches-under-10k-6786619.html

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Author Bio: Cassie is a professional copywriter and has a huge collection of watches. Here she shares her views on different branded watches &  luxury watches.