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Look for gold jewelry buyers to Have Best Deal on Your Scrap Gold

Author: Topdollar Brokers

With the economy getting worse and worse by the month and the price of gold setting record highs you might be asking yourself is now the time I should sell my scrap gold? Selling them now is a great way to help you to get through these tough times. You will not be getting the market value that is setting new records each week, but you will be paid nicely for your gold based on the scrap value. Here are the top 5 places to sell your gold for fast cash today.

The Jewelry/Coin Shops

Most of the gold jewelry buyers and coin shops in your area have access to smelters who pay for the gold scraps, so it only makes sense these stores will be glad to take the gold off your hands. You will usually get around 70-80of the value of the gold if you bring it to a local shop. Many times if the gold is in a fairly nice piece of crafted jewelry, you could get even more than the scrap gold price at a jewelry store.

The Mail Away Gold Operation

Some companies use their advertising campaigns to entice you to drop your gold in an envelope and ship it to them for cash. The envelopes are all prepaid and you receive a nice check once the gold has been weighed and valued. You even receive the promise that if you are not completely satisfied with the price they gave you for the gold that they will gladly return the gold back to you. The rate for gold is slightly lower than that of a local jewelry store but the added convenience and speed they turnaround your check is worth the small percentage.

The Hotel Gold Buys

You will see these gold jewelry buyers on TV telling you to stop by a local hotel where they have set up shop and basically purchase scrap gold and pay cash for it on the spot. These companies offer to pay top dollar for all your gold. One added benefit of this type of business is that they are in the business to buy items other than gold too. Bring your collectibles like watches, lighters, and rare coins.

The Gold Party

You have heard of candle, jewelry and Tupperware parties before, well this type of party is all about collecting your scrap gold and giving you cash. These parties are relaxing with no high pressure sales and you have the opportunity for selling gold jewelry for cash, have a fun time and leave with a pocket full of cash.

The Pawn Shops

Pawn shops will buy just about anything, and gold is high on the list of items they grab up in a second. Once they test the gold you will be given an offer on the value. You have the ability to negotiate with the pawn broker, and many times if you feel the price is too low you can actually look to trade your gold for items that you need he may have in the store. You can also ask for a store credit and wait for a particular item to come in stock down the road. These are just a few answers to your question of where can I sell my scrap gold.

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Author of this article intends to recommend people who are looking for selling gold jewelry for cash to go for best pawn shop. Therefore the features and functionalities of a reliable pawn shop or a gold jewelry buyer has been thoroughly discussed in this article.