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SUMMARY: At first glance, you might get the impression that Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra,were too rugged to be the creators of long, ultrafeminine flowing dresses. However, they are the masterminds behind the ultrachic label Costello Tagliapetra. After meeting in 1994 and living and working together for ten years, their line debuted in New York in 2005, and their creations are meant to flatter just about every body type. Their label has had many great reviews and received several awards, and they are definately up and comers. The label's client list includes Angela Lindvall and Byrdie Bell. Their collection can be purchased at Barney's New York. Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Man made diamond rings - A popular choice for jewelery

Author: Stephanie Adalyn

Jewelery has always been important to women. It has known to add glamor and glitz to a woman\'s attire. Be it earings, necklaces or bangles, these fashionable items have known to be the right choice for adding glamor to your outfit. Diamonds are often considered to be a woman\'s best friend and that is why they are the most precious. The price of diamond jewelery can rage from thousands to millions of dollars. The cost is decided based upon the size, carat and the cut of the diamonds.

They are a luxury item and that is why it is considered as a symbol of royalty and class. It is a known fact that not everyone can own these precious stones and to cater to them., man made diamond rings were introduced. These man made diamonds rings appear so real and life like that it is difficult to identify the real ones and the man made ones. It requires the expertise and skills to actually identify these man made diamond rings. They are less expensive and even cost less than the original diamond pieces. Therefore, these man made diamond rings are a popular choice.

The variety that is available is abundant and the buyers are spoilt for choices. There is more variety available in the man made diamond ring section rather than the real ones. These days people tend to go for man made diamond engagement rings'>man made diamond engagement rings rather than buying the real ones. It is easier and simpler to buy these rings as they are less expensive and people can get a variety to choose from. The designers of these artificial diamond rings are well trained in this field and create these wonderful masterpieces with a great precision. The customers also send in their required designs to the designers and they accordingly design them.

They make customized beautiful man made diamond rings for the customers. It is also important to store these beautiful pieces carefully. They can get spoilt when they are exposed to heat and humidity. They should be stored in a cool dry place and wrapped in dry cotton in order to protect them. There are some designers which sell these beautiful pieces online. The buyers can place their order and pay online. The buyer can customize the rings according to their choice. They offer various payment methods which include net banking, cash on delivery and through credit and debit card.

Since people are still skeptical about paying online due to constant security threat, people tend to go for cash on delivery where they can pay when the product is received. They also offer easy returns if the buyer does not like the product. He can request for a return pick up and the customer can send it back, and get the refund back. These artificial rings are beautiful pieces and the trend is here to stay for a long time.

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The author of the article has keen interest in writing about jewllery. He has been researching on the trend of man made diamond rings. For more information, visit Russian Brilliants is a leading online portal for jewelery and man made diamond rings. They are known for their quality products and efficient services Google Plus.