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SUMMARY: These designs are the unique fashion statements created by Suzanne Clements and Inacio Ribeiro. The pair coined the phrase “clumsy couture,” to describe their designs, which are anything but clumsy. Known for its femininity and the bold use of wool and prints, their collection is a mixture of classic old world looks with 1980s touches, blended with twenty-first century thought. This label can be found at the Dover Street Market, Liberty and The Cross in London, as well as Net-A-Porter. The Collection can also be found at Neiman Marcus, and parts of the Collection are on Links to search results for this brand are below:

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Why Silver Emerald Rings Are Popular?

Author: Vishnu Batwara

Since time memorial, sterling silver has been the most favored metal for women as it is cheap and is also a perfect replica for highly expensive platinum. Silver Emerald Rings have always retained a special place in jewelry connoisseur\'s heart as they add style, dazzle and aura to amazingly beautiful emerald stone. Not only vintage emerald engagement rings, young designers have also shown keen interest in using sterling silver for crafting impeccable pieces of emerald jewelry for all.

It is quite understandable why sterling silver emerald rings are favored in popular culture, because the metal is an alloy that consists 92silver while the remaining 8is combination of other metals, thus making it highly inexpensive in comparison to its counterpart gold. No matter how popular gold is when it comes to festivals and weddings, silver emerald jewelry has always maintained its place as a lot trendier option.

Another important thing that makes vintage emerald engagement rings popular among couples is the fact the silver is the most versatile alloy, thus offering a variety of silver emerald rings with radiant, metallic, antique and other traditional polishes depending on your choice. However, if you are one of those who prefer contemporary jewelry over traditional one, then metallic finish silver emerald is the perfect option for you as it suitable for everyday wear as well as casual party wear.

If you are falling short of options for your beloved wife on your anniversary, then vintage silver emerald rings can come to your rescue, as they make a perfect wedding anniversary gift for your partner. If it is your first anniversary and you wish to buy her gold but falling short of finances, then you can go for a beautiful amalgamation of gold and silver metal in the form of designer gold and silver emerald rings. This will not only look versatile but will also remain easy on your pocket.

While purchasing vintage emerald engagement rings, make sure you browse through various jewelers online or in personal to find nothing less than best for your beloved. If you are buying silver emerald rings online, make sure you go for a trusted and reputed online jewelry store that offers safe transactions, legitimate certificates for authenticity of stone and complete surety of safe delivery.
Other benefits of buying silver emerald rings online include variety of designs and patterns to choose from, as these days most of the online jewelry stores offer online customization of jewelry with no extra charges. Also, when you buy jewelry online, you must check for the security policy and their authentication certificates before making a final purchase to abort any chance of fraudulent activity. Although, buying jewelry online has become a newest trend of jewelry shopping, but being extra cautious will only save you from unnecessary hassle.

Keeping these simple things in mind will give you a pleasure of buying them most unique gift in the form of silver emerald ring for your beloved, which have always been favorite among women.

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